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Marketing - Master eWay-CRM

Stay competitive and successful with eWay-CRM marketing module.

Step 1: Create a Marketing Campaign

Every marketing campaign should have its record in eWay-CRM. Start from scratch and set your campaign up.

  1. Click New on the eWay-CRM ribbon and select Marketing.

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  2. Specify the Name of the marketing campaign (e.g. Newsletter 2017-03) and make sure that Professional Email type is selected. Click Save.

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Step 2: Make a List of Recipients

Choosing your audience influences how relevant your communication is. Pick your contacts carefully to get the best results.

  1. Click the Edit Marketing List tab.

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  2. In the new window, select a target group and create a filter. Click Apply and Add.

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    Outlook CRM Tip Tip for you: You can filter contacts by various attributes. To find our more, visit our documentation here.

  3. You will be redirected back to the marketing campaign. Under the tab Marketing list, you will find a list of addresses.

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Step 3: Prepare a Message And Send It

You can build your newsletter from scratch or use a predefined template.

  1. Click Action > Send Bulk Email.

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  2. In the Message panel, specify the Subject, Sender’s email, and Sender’s name. Click Use text from to choose whether you want to utilize one of the predefined templates or upload your own HTML template. Сlick Save and continue.

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  3. On the Settings panel, you can add attachments and specify other additional options (Track Link Clicks, Google Analytics, Send Date, Unsubscribe Reasons). Click Save and continue.

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  4. Double-check your settings on the summary screen. As soon as you are happy with the campaign, click Send and close.

Outlook CRM Tip Note: eWay-CRM uses an engine of a professional 3rd party mail merge tool that makes sure your emails are delivered without any problems, and you are not marked as a spammer. eWay-CRM is also able to provide detailed activity tracking report as shown below. You can send 1000 emails for free. After that, you can buy credits (one credit per email) with your credit card.

Step 4: Receive Feedback

Analyze the results and find out how many people have received your email, who opened it or clicked the link. Using such data and collecting feedback greatly improves the success rate in the future.

  1. You will see first responses in 30-60 minutes, but it pays off to wait a few days to get the whole picture. You can find general statistics at the cart of the campaign.

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  2. You can also check the result for each email address separately. Just double click on the Responses Count for each contact.

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Outlook CRM Tip Tip for you: There is also a report available in eWay-CRM > Reports > Marketing Results for a detailed view.

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