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Contacts & Companies - Master eWay-CRM

Let’s start with the most valuable data in any organization – your customers.

Step 1: Create a contact and a company

First, you need to build a reliable database of your customers. Or simply import it from Microsoft Outlook / Excel.

  1. Click New on the eWay-CRM ribbon and select Contact.

    New Contact

  2. Specify details (Full Name, Email Address, Mobile, etc.) and click Save.

    Contact Window

  3. To create a company for this contact, click on the + sign.

    Add Company

  4. Fill in the company details and save and close the record.

Outlook CRM Tip Tip for you: Have a look at how to import data from other sources:
From Microsoft Outlook
From Microsoft Excel

Outlook CRM Tip Tip for eWay-CRM Premium: Have a look at eWay-CRM Mobile on your iOS / Android device. The new contact and company are already there.

Step 2: Write down notes from a call or a meeting

As you pick up the phone or go to a meeting, take notes and write down anything important.

  1. On the contact dialog, click Add New and choose Journal.

    New Journal

  2. The Subject contains just a short title. Your details go to the Note. Don’t forget to select the Type – i.e. Call or a Meeting. Click Save.

    Journal Window

  3. Now, you can find all your activities under the Journal tab in the contact dialog.

    Journal Tab

Outlook CRM Tip Tip for eWay-CRM Premium: You can make a journal in eWay-CRM Mobile too. To find our more, please visit this link.

Step 3: Schedule a follow-up task

Almost every meeting or a phone call results in a follow-up task. Keep your agenda in order, and you will always know what to do next.

  1. You can create a follow-up task from the contact or the journal entry. Let’s pretend we are still in the middle of the previous phone call, so the journal record is still in front of us. Click Add New and choose Task.

    New Task

  2. A task window will pop up with the predefined Subject: Contact name. We recommend adding your notes after the predefined text. Specify Start date, Due date, Status, Priority. Set up the Reminder if needed. Click Save and Close.

    Task window

  3. As a result, the task will appear in various places. It will be visible in both – the journal entry and the contact dialog.

    Tasks Tab
    Also, you will find the task in your Microsoft Outlook Task list.

Outlook Tasks

Outlook CRM Tip Tip for you: Apply the same approach without the Journal and click the Add New Task button on the contact dialog. It works the same way.

Step 4: Send an email

Organized emails in eWay-CRM will help you keep track of your conversations. Do not lose touch with your customers and deals.

  1. On the contact page, click Add New and choose Email.

    New Email

  2. The email will be linked to the contact automatically and will appear under the Emails tab.

    Tab Emails

Outlook CRM Tip Tip for you: To link emails sent from Microsoft Outlook to eWay-CRM contacts, please have a look here:
How to Link Emails to Contacts Manually
How to Link Emails to Contacts Automatically

Outlook CRM Tip Tip for eWay-CRM Premium: Have a look at your mobile app and find the contact there. You will see all the information in the HUB. This way, you can access your eWay-CRM data from your pocket.

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