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TeamViewer Connector for eWay-CRM

Integrate TeamViewer with eWay-CRM to track all remote sessions.

Records of Support Sessions

  • Integration of eWay-CRM and TeamViewer makes clear and bulletproof records of any remote support session that you or your consultants provided to customers.
  • Every time somebody provides a support, the session details are automatically saved to eWay-CRM and linked with the proper contact.
  • It’s easy!

Start Remote Session

You Know How TeamViewer Works…

  • The client generates a TeamViewer ID and password and send them to you.
  • Your consultant enters the information to their TeamViewer, connects to the client’s device and provides whatever support is required.

TeamViewer Screen Sharing

How it Integrates with eWay-CRM?

  • As soon as the session is finished, the TeamViewer Connector automatically creates a journal in eWay-CRM with all important details.
  • The journal is linked to the contact you provided the support to.
  • You can easily go through the history, check who, when and to whom provided a support.
  • You can use the records for billing purposes.

Journal in eWay-CRM

Do you want to try it?

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