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Integrate Poll Everywhere with eWay-CRM

Save poll results right to your CRM.

Quick and Simple Quiestionnares and Polls


  • Poll Everywhere is a simple tool for direct interaction with your customers. Using it helps you find out what your customers like.
  • Poll Everywhere gets responses from the audience. It asks your customers to respond through an e-mail.
  • You can ask the audience to vote for a proper date of your event.
  • You can easily define the responses from which your audience can choose.

Create a Poll

Simple Choice and Polling


  • Your respondents can easily respond in your poll.
  • If they want to vote they click on Poll Everywhere where they can choose the answer.


Feedback for Customers


  • After each poll, the customer gets confirmation of his/her choice.
  • Like that, you get feedback and for example, you can arrange the upcoming event according to the poll result.
  • Show your customers that their opinion matters. With Poll Everywhere and eWay-CRM.

Poll Results

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