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Call from your CRM with a single click. Try our 3CX connector.

Make a call in a single click


Need to make 50 phone calls? Don’t waste a second. Just single click on any telephone number in eWay-CRM to initiate a phone call.

3CX Call

Who’s calling? I know!


“Good morning Bill, did you enjoy our vegetarian pizza last Tuesday? How about to try low-cal chicken fajitas today?”

Every time you get a phone call, eWay-CRM finds the contact and shows you all details. Including the history of orders. How about to personalize your communication?

3CX History

Track your phone calls


Set up the connector so that it automatically logs all phone calls.

Use our reports to improve your sales team efficiency.

3CX Report

Add notes to relevant calls


Let eWay-CRM automatically pop up with a journal if you’re on a phone longer than XY sec?

Include your notes and plan follow ups while talking to the customer.

3CX Journal

Start using right away

The 3CX connector is for free. Just click the button below to download the installation files.
You can also book a demo with our consultant. They will take you through.