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eWay-CRM is the best CRM tool for insurance brokers and agencies. It helps them manage contacts, contracts, renewals, communications, and follow-ups. Since eWay-CRM sits right inside Microsoft Outlook, it's easy to save emails and plan meetings with a single click.
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What is a CRM for insurance brokers?

Insurance CRM software (customer relationship management) allows teams and individuals to track customers, their products and services, and all related communications (emails, notes, documents, etc). Its goal is to help them organize all customer data, share it across the entire team and improve sales processes to close more deals.

Contact Company Fluent

Contacts and Companies

Keep all contacts and companies inside eWay-CRM. They will be available anywhere and anytime – from your PC, Mac, and mobile. These items will be also shared with the rest of your team.

Your first step to excellent customer experience starts with stunning contact management.

Renew Contract

Contracts and Renewals

Use our module Projects to track all contracts. After all, each contract is a kind of project, right? Attach emails, journals, and documents. Set up reminders to let eWay-CRM notify you about an expiring due date.


Emails Notes

Emails and Notes

Save emails by contacts, companies, or projects. Everybody can follow up on your communications and vice versa. Allow people to help you.


Tasks Calendar

Tasks and Calendar

Plan follow-up tasks and meetings. Our stunning integration with the Outlook calendar makes it extremely easy. Everybody can open a contact or a project and see that you are already in charge.

Keep your TODO list tidy.

Form Designer

Custom Fields and Forms

Use our custom fields to gather the information that’s useful for you. Customize the layout of our forms with the form designer to make eWay-CRM look exactly as you need.

Make eWay-CRM your CRM.



Set up our workflow to automate routine tasks. eWay-CRM will automatically ask for mandatory fields, important documents, and generate tasks for the rest of your team.

Let eWay-CRM do the boring things.

Testimonial Picture

Minutes after watching eWay-CRM videos, I knew this was what I was looking for.

It is customisable in every possible way. I could set it up to do everything I needed and so much more. As I started using it I learned more and more features and thought of more ways to customise it to suit my needs.

The interface is easy and logical so anyone can use it, importing my data from our previous CRM was quick and easy.

Johan V/D Walt,
president at Wico Insurance Brokers

Why do insurance brokers love CRM inside Outlook?

Most insurance businesses communicate by Microsoft Outlook. Outlook keeps their emails, organizes meetings, and manages the list of all contacts. eWay-CRM turns Outlook into a fully-fledged CRM software. It allows people to seamlessly share important data, automatically save emails, integrate with the calendar, and much more. Additionally, eWay-CRM looks exactly like Microsoft Outlook, so your team doesn’t need to learn anything new.

eWay-CRM sits inside Outlook

Select an email to get a complete detail of a person you are writing with. Start a Teams chat in a single click. Use our toolbar to access your CRM data.

Here is a better question: Why SHOULDN’T your CRM sit inside your Outlook?

Preview panel Web

(Automatic) Email Saving

Whenever you send or receive an email, you can quickly save it to eWay-CRM. Manually or automatically – it’s up to you. All emails will be instantly available to the rest of your team and anybody can follow up.

You can save emails by contacts, companies, or projects. If you open a record, you will find a complete list of all related emails that you and your team included.

eWay-CRM Mobile Save Email - Select - EN

Integration with Calendar

eWay-CRM lives inside your Outlook calendar. When planning a meeting, select a contact, company, or project. The meeting will be automatically related to the item and your team knows that you are about to talk to the customer.

Outlook Calendar New

Synchronization of Contacts

Want to keep your contacts in your Outlook? No worries. Activate our two-way synchronization and keep both lists 1:1.

Convert an Email to…

Have you received an important email? Convert it to a contact, project, or task. eWay-CRM automatically fills in all the important fields and you can start working right away.

Save yourself tons of time.

eWay-CRM 365 - Convert to

Integrated Email Marketing

Need to send a bulk email? Use our marketing module and send professional emails using your CRM database. We have all it takes including templates, open tracking, and click maps.

You don’t need to export data to Mailchimp and back. Just use eWay-CRM.

Bulk Emails Marketing

One Software That Has it All

eWay-CRM looks and works exactly like Microsoft Outlook. We don’t want you to switch between apps, or learn a new interface. Just take what you already know and use it with eWay-CRM.

Be effective. With eWay-CRM.

Outlook Contact Task


How to set up eWay-CRM for Insurance firms?

If you need CRM software for insurance agents, start with eWay-CRM Free or eWay-CRM Enterprise 14-day free trial. You can choose the preferred version during the sign-up Ince you create your account, follow these steps to set up eWay-CRM for you.

Insurance agents usually need to track a lot of specific fields depending on what kind of insurance they provide. eWay-CRM contains Custom Fields which allow creating your own fields so you don't miss anything. Use Custom Fields to define the attributes you need.

To help you turn eWay-CRM into YOUR CRM, also pay attention to Form Designer. This feature allows you to change the look of each form exactly as you need to.

We recommend you start by reviewing our contact and project forms and customizing them to fit your needs.

Once you created all fields and customized forms, you can import your data. Without having all fields properly set up in eWay-CRM first, you could lose important data.

Start with importing contacts and companies and continue by importing projects (=contracts). You can import contacts right from Microsoft 365, from your Outlook, or from Excel.

To import projects, use Import from Excel.

If you switch from BCM or another CRM and need to import more than just contacts and projects, let us know. Our team of developers will assist.

Make sure you won't miss a deadline and turn on notifications about upcoming project deadlines. Go to the Admin Center, click Features, and go to Projects.

In there, activate "Notify about upcoming project deadline". This feature will send an email X days prior the project estimated end to a selected group of people.

This way, you can make sure to stay on top of all deadlines even if you change a staff member.

One feature that people love about eWay-CRM the most is email tracking. You can save emails manually or set up the automatic option.

The manual option allows you to keep everything under control. You decide what emails are important and which ones will stay just in Outlook.

If you turn on the automatic email tracking feature, you can be sure that eWay-CRM will save everything you receive from people listed in your eWay-CRM.

If you receive a call or go to a meeting, put your notes in the journal. This is our module for keeping track of all minutes. All journals and emails will be tightly organized in the HUB.

When you start talking to your customers and sending emails, you will soon need to arrange meetings and plan tasks. We encourage you to do both - calendar for meetings and tasks for things you want to remember.

eWay-CRM has a great integration with the Outlook calendar and this article explains how to get most from it. Don't miss this one which is related to tasks.

First Steps

Start with eWay-CRM Free

Click the button below and sign up for eWay-CRM Free. You can also book a demo with one of our consultants. We will show you how eWay-CRM works.