How to Link Emails to Contacts Manually

Save emails from your contacts into eWay-CRM

How to Start Using eWay-CRM » Contacts » How to Link Emails to Contacts Manually

Right-click on an email in your Inbox and choose Save to eWay-CRM.


You will see a window as shown below.


Click Yes  to open the email in eWay-CRM. In the dialog, you can make sure that eWay-CRM has found the contact and you can see it in the Contacts tab in the bottom part of the window.


If eWay-CRM couldn’t find the contact automatically, you can add it using a button Add relation with an existing item on the top ribbon.


Alternatively, you can drag and drop emails from your Inbox right to the E-mails tab. This option especially makes sense if you want to save several emails at once.


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