How to Make eWay-CRM Items Visible in Outlook Task List

To Get eWay-CRM Data into Your Outlook Task List

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 If you assign a superior item (deal, project, company, contact) to an Outlook task, the task is saved to eWay-CRM, too. From that very moment it does not matter whether you work with a task in Microsoft Outlook or in eWay-CRM. Everything is automatically synchronized.

When you work with you tasks in Microsoft Outlook you would probably want to see the Superior Item (deals/projects), Company and Contact colums in the task list as it’s shown in the picture below.


To do that:

  1. Right-click the name of any column in the Microsoft Outlook Task module and select View settings.


  2. Choose Columns in the dialog window.


  3. To add the column Company, go to Frequently-used fields, select Company and click the Add -> button.


  4. To add the column Superior item and Contact, go to User-defined fields in folder, select Superior item (eWay-CRM) and Contact (eWay-CRM) and click Add -> button.


  5. Use buttons Move Up and Move Down to put the colums in the right order.


  6. Confirm your choice with OK.

Now, the Company, Superior item (eWay-CRM) and Contact (eWay-CRM) columns are displayed in the Task list of Microsoft Outlook.

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