How to Link Emails to Leads

Learn How To Link Emails Related to Leads Automatically or Manually

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You can find all emails linked to a specific lead under the E-mails tab.


There are several ways to link incoming and outgoing emails to leads depending on your preferences.

Option 1. Sending Emails from the Context Menu

  1. Click Leads in the eWay-CRM ribbon.


  2. Find a required lead.


  3. Right-click it and select Send an e-mail.




Option 2. Sending Emails from the Lead Card

Open a lead, click Add relation with a new item and select New e-mail



Option 3. Linking Sent Emails to Leads

Open on an email in your Microsoft Outlook and choose a lead in the Superior item field at the bottom.


Option 4. Tracking outgoing emails

Go to eWay-CRM Settings > E-mails and check Track e-mails from people listed in the contacts module.



Now, when you click Send in your mailbox, eWay-CRM will look for the lead in the database. If there is such a lead, it will appear in the Superior item field.

If there are more than one Superior item (leads and projects) where this person is specified as a Contact Person, the field will stay without a superior item relation so that you could select the right one manually.

You can click on how_emails_leads_09 to open the lead in a separate window, you can click on how_emails_leads_10 to find another lead, or you can click on how_emails_leads_11 to clear the field.


Click OK to save the email to eWay-CRM or click Cancel if you don’t want to save it.


Option 5. Drag and drop

You can drag and drop emails from your mailbox on the Lead Card under the tab E-mails.


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