How to Make a Field Mandatory in Deals and Projects

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If you want to make sure that you and your coworkers don’t forget to fill in important values (e.g. estimated revenue or close date) and your reports are complete, eWay-CRM is able to control whether a field has a value when you are trying to move a deal or project further.

For example, if a deal has a Qualification status and you try to save it as Proposal without putting in a value in the Est.Revenue field, eWay-CRM won’t allow you to save the status and will mark the field in red.

To set up such a rule, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Administration Settings in the eWay-CRM ribbon.

  2. Select Module settings > Workflow diagrams> Deal – Opportunity (or Project). You will see the workflows on the right side under two columns – Parent Status and Child Status.

  3. For example, you want to set the field “Est.Revenue” as mandatory when you move a deal from Qualification to Proposal. Double click on the row QualificationProposal and in the opened window click Next >.

  4. Select Actions Before and click Add Action.

  5. Select Database Field Is Not Empty and click Next >.

  6. Type in the word “Price“ into the Database Field.

    Note: You can make any field mandatory. To find out the right name of a field as it’s used in the SQL database, click on it on the item card and press Left Alt+F1.

  7. Clicking the Next > and Finish buttons will finish the wizard.
  8. Wait 30 seconds for automatic synchronization or synchronize changes manually. To do that, right-click on the eWay-CRM agent in the system tray and select Synchronize.

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