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Delegating a Task

  1. If you want to delegate a task, click Assign Taskin the Task ribbon (while you are creating the task).


  2. Type down the email address of the solver. The solver’s email address has to be associated with an eWay-CRM user. Please note that it’s not recommended to assign a task to multiple users at once.


  3. Make sure the option Keep an updated copy of this task on my task list is on. Otherwise, you will not be notified in case the new solver changes the task (new due date, task is marked as completed, etc.).


  4. Click Send.


Please note that if you click Save and Close the task will not be assigned.

Accepting/Declining Assigned Tasks

Once somebody sends you a task, you will receive an email with the subject “Task Request”.


  1. You need either accept it or decline. Do not delete the message. Othewise, you may set an incorrect status to the task.

You can accept / decline the task right in the inbox


or in the task window.


  1. Once the solver accepts/declines the task an email notification is sent automatically to the delegator. If the solver declines the task, the delegator has to open the email about declining and click Return to Task List.


Note, that Microsoft Outlook has its own limitations for the IMAP protocol:

  1. Forwarded tasks cannot be opened via IMAP. The problem occurs when an assigned task is transferred from the solver to another user who is unable to open the task.
  2. Restriction when using Microsoft Exchange with IMAP protocol.
    Sending tasks between a user with an MS Exchange account and a user with an IMAP account doesn’t work. The task is delivered as an email message.

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