How to Customize List Views

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  1. Adding and Removing Columns
  2. Sorting Items
  3. Items Filtering
  4. Quick Searching
  5. Grouping of Items


eWay-CRM allows you to filter and group your data in the same way as in Microsoft Outlook. After creating your own user view, you can save it by clicking the funnel icon at the bottom part of the window.

Outlook CRM Custom Views

Adding and Removing Columns

  1. To add a column, right click on any column heading and select Column Chooser.

    Outlook CRM Column Chooser

  2. A list of all available additional fields (including custom fields) for this module will appear.

    Outlook CRM List of Fields

    Drag and drop the name of the column you want to use from the customization module to the column headings.

  3. To remove a column from the list, just drag it away from the column heading.


Sorting Items

Items in a list can be sorted by values in any column. You can sort them by clicking the column heading. Items can be sorted in ascending or descending order.

Outlook CRM Sort


eWay-CRM allows you to work with filters.

  1. Right-click on any column heading and select Filter Editor from the context menu.

    Outlook CRM Filter Editor

  2. In the Filter Editor, you can create advanced conditions similar to Microsoft Excel. You can filter any column using various operators.

Outlook CRM Filter Editor 2

You can also add more than one condition by clicking And in the left-upper corner of the Filter Editor. The + icon after And in the upper part of the Filter Editor window allows you to add another condition.

Outlook CRM Filter Editor 3

Quick Search

You can search easily amongst the items displayed in the list using the filter row, right beneath the column headings.

Outlook CRM Search Panel

Some columns also allow you to search by selection. If you see an arrow in the search field, you can click on it and select values for this column. The option is available only for columns such as Type or Status, i.e. columns that contain only specific values in a drop down menu, not for values that you need to type in manually (see an example below).

Outlook CRM Search Panel 2

Grouping of Items

Items in the list can be grouped by any column.

  1. Right-click the column heading and select Show Group by Box in the context menu.

    Outlook CRM Show Group by Box

  2. The Grouping area will appear above the column heading.

Outlook CRM Group by Area

You can drag the columns which you want to group into this area. Simply drag and drop one or more columns here.

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