How to Create Contacts From Emails

Learn how to create new contact with two clicks

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To create a contact from an email, right-click the email in your mailbox and select Convert to Contact in the context menu.


Or open the email and click Convert to Contact in the top right part of the email window.


A new contact card will be created with the email attached to it.

Number Description
1 Full Name – eWay-CRM will try to find a contact with the identical email address and transfer the first and last name from the contact card. If there is no such a contact, it will use the prefix of the email address.
2 Email 1 is the sender email address.
3 Email that was used for creating contact is related to the contact in the HUB and Email tab.

You can select a company if it’s already saved in eWay-CRM by clicking the  sign (in this case company’s address can be copied onto the contact card automatically). If the company doesn’t exist yet, you can create it by clicking the  sign.

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