Josyanne Bardavid Amar, Sales Manager – Europe, Astro Lighting ltd (UK)

I recommend this product to anybody I speak to who is looking for a CRM system. It integrates with your e-mails and sorts it all out nice and neatly. I’m sure it does loads more that what I use it for but I just haven’t discovered all its functionality yet! The support I have had from the team at eWay-CRM is the best so far, every time I have had a problem they have e-mailed me – called me – and we have even had a two way Skype screen sharing at ungodly hours! Don’t be afraid to share access to your desktop they are there to help, and believe me they do! Thanks a million I love it I just want to know what more can I do with it as I’m sure I’m only using a small % of what you have created.