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Amazing Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Single workspace. Collect, organize and share all of the information important to your business using software you already use.

Microsoft Outlook for Teams. Make e-mails, calendar events, notes and documents immediately available to your team.

eWay-CRM in Outlook

All Client Information in One Place

Module Companies will take you to the list of eWay-CRM customers / partners.

With filters, you can show just the ones you are interested in. With tabs, you can access e-mails, phone calls, tasks, invoices..

List of companies in eWay-CRM

Track and Share Customer Communications With Your Team

eWay-CRM can automatically track e-mail communications with customers.

Your team members will be able to see all e-mails sent and received by any member of your team.

The same functionality works for leads, meetings, tasks, notes and other information important to your business.

Email dialog in eWay-CRM

Quickly Create Business Leads from E-mails

Convert an e-mail to a lead automatically in one click.

eWay-CRM creates the business lead, fills in the company and contact person.

The e-mail will be linked to the lead too.

Convert email to eWay-CRM

And much more

Auto-reminder in case you didn’t get in touch with a client for a while.

Workflow feature to track company processes. You want your team members to use the best practices that you create. Workflows can automatically generate tasks or check for mandatory fields / documents to keep customers happy and to avid costly errors.

Keep track of marketing campaigns. View when an e-mail is opened by a recipient and even track responses.

CRM tool has an advanced administration settings to adjust the system to your specific needs. Create custom fields, change permission policy, drop-down menus, …

Professional marketing campaign

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