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CRM with Outlook integration

Try eWay-CRM. The best CRM for Outlook.

Embedded Right Into Microsoft Outlook

eWay-CRM is CRM that sits right inside Microsoft Outlook.

It helps companies all around the world manage customers, sales, and projects.

eWay-CRM has also a marketing module so you can send email campaigns right from your CRM.

CRM embedded right into Outlook

You already know how to use eWay-CRM

It looks and feels familiar because we made our CRM a part of Outlook.

  • Intuitive user interface – eWay-CRM looks exactly like Microsoft Outlook.
  • You don’t need to learn any new software.
  • You already know Microsoft Outlook. You are ready to go.
You already know how to use eWay-CRM

Sharing your Outlook data with your team

  • Email communication of all your colleagues sort by contacts or projects.
  • Team tasks available for everybody who needs them.
  • Calendar events accessible as well – who has a meeting with that customer
  • Shared contact list. What is a phone number to the client?
Sharing your Outlook data with your team

All you need right in your Outlook

  • Single client database.
  • Business opportunities sorted by stages.
  • Projects with deadlines and responsibilities.
  • Communications and documents attached to customers / projects.
  • Auto-reminders and much more.
All you need right in your Outlook

Marketing emails as a native part of eWay-CRM

eWay-CRM has a professional email feature right inside. No need to export data and use another tool. Stay in the same software.

  • Send bulk emails directly from eWay-CRM.
  • Prepare personalized message.
  • Send thousands of emails without being blacklisted.
  • Collect feedback – number of deliveries, opened emails, unsubscriptions.
Bulk emails

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