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If you are interested in another position within our company, please send your CV to [email protected].


We.Search(Position.Developer, Language.CSharp, Language.Sql)

We are looking for an experienced developer.

That’s right! We really are looking for a great developer willing to work within a team, take part in developing the best CRM solution for Microsoft Outlook and develop himself more and more, too!
What schools our colleagues studied, that doesn’t matter that much to us. What we value is knowledge. You will need to be experienced in C#, have some experience with WinForms and databases. Anything in addition is a benefit. If you enjoy developing new functionalities within a rich framework, don’t hesitate and contact us!

What can we offer?

You will get a fair salary as well as other benefits. Our work is meaningful and we enjoy to keep the atmosphere informal and without unnecessary bureaucracy. Flexible working hours are a standard to us.
Forget openspace. We have designated our offices in a way that we enjoy working in them. You won’t be disturbed when working and you will also have a place to go when you need a little break and a chat. Our 3D printer is ready for orders and we couldn’t make it without a coffee maker with excellent coffee! Our fridge is full of Club Maté, Seicha Matcha Drink and Wostok limonade. Great park is just around the corner.
If you want to go to work with no stress and to be a part of an easy-going team, contact us. We are already looking forward!

Position information

Reuired education: not important
Required languages: English
Benefits: Bonuses, Mobile phone, Laptop, Flexible working hours, Courses, Seminars, Refreshments, Sickdays, Occasional home-office, Company events, Possibility to work your hours in advance, Children-friendly office, Possibility of study days off, Time for innovations
Employment type: Full-time
Employment length: Indefinite
Contract type: Employment contract, trade license/IČO

Na Královce 31/4, 10100 Prague – Vršovice, Czech Republic
eWay System has been developing and supporting the eWay-CRM software for almost ten years. The software is among Top 20 Most Affordable CRMs worldwide.

Are you interested in this position?

Send your CV with a mobile contact to  [email protected] and we will reply in no time.

Be effective. eWay-CRM.