How to Set Reminder for Outgoing E-Mails in eWay-CRM

Published 4. 2. 2020


…That in eWay-CRM you can set a reminder to the e-mail you have just sent? If you send an e-mail you can easily forget that you have sent it or that you expect a reply. Set a reminder to your outgoing e-mails so you won’t forget it.


Set a reminder to an outgoing e-mail as follows:

  1. Write an email to a contact that is saved in eWay-CRM. Send the email.
  2. If you have set tracking of outgoing emails, the dialog for email saving will pop up.
  3. Select the date in the Follow Up field, so the email can be reminded you by the task.
  4. Confirm the dialog.
  5. Task is created in the Tasks module where you can set a reminder so you won’t forget it.

For more advanced tips, go to our Knowledge Base.


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