How to Import Item From Excel Using Number Instead of Company Name

Published 4. 8. 2020


...That you can import items from Excel using the ID Number of the company instead of the name? If you need to import data from Excel we have an innovation for you. In all eWay-CRM modules, the Company supports using company ID Number instead of its name. If you have several companies with the same name (e.g.branches) import from Excel is easy peasy.

Just do the following:

1) In a list of companies, you see company ID Number.

2) Fill in the company ID Number in a file that you want for import into eWay-CRM.

3) Import the Excel file into a module that you have selected.

4) After the import, there will be a company name.

For more advanced tips, go to our Knowledge Base.

Because with eWay-CRM 6.0 you will get BACK IN THE SADDLE!