How to Easily Bulk Edit Items in the List of eWay-CRM


…That in eWay-CRM you can easily bulk edit items? For example, you can bulk edit or create a category for contacts. Just do the following:

  1. In the list of items (e.g. contacts), click Export to Excel.
  2. Save the list into an Excel file and open this file.
  3. Make changes you want to do – for example, set specific categories to all contacts.
  4. Save the Excel file and close it.
  5. Now, in the contacts list, click Import From Excel.
  6. Select the file you edited and let eWay-CRM import it.
  7. After successful import, contacts will have categories added.

For more advanced tips, go to our Knowledge Base.


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Martin Štefko
20. 2. 2020

Tips on Better Productivity

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