The Ultimate AI Tools Showdown (Paid vs. Free): 20 Tools for 10 Different Tasks

Published 29. 2. 2024

20 AI tools, 10 different tasks. Paid vs. free AI tools were put in the ring to prove which one is better. Is it worth to pay for a plan? Or can you rely on free versions? Let's find out!


You must have seen online AI guides where they mention AI tools for one specific task and then proceed to give you more similar options that perform the same task and have their unique features.

But have you seen AI guides where you get to learn about 20 different tools in 10 different business niches that perform 10 different tasks?

I think not. And even if you have, they will never be as actionable as this one right here. This guide will blow your mind and take your AI tools knowledge to the next level.

I'm also throwing in a little twist here. I will compare free and paid options for every task.

Let's get started!


Table of contents:

1. Research
2. Coding
3. Text to Video
4. Project Management
5. Image Generation
6. Photo Editing
7. Transcription
8. Data Analysis
9. Email Marketing & Automation
10. Audio Editing


1. Research


Gemini (Free) vs. ChatGPT-4 (Paid)

For this one, we will focus on the sheer research capabilities of both AI chat models, ChatGPT-4 and Google Gemini.



ChatGPT 1


ChatGPT 2


ChatGPT was able to identify and illustrate all the major marketing strategies and research tactics that would require a marketer to target B2B companies in Manchester.



Gemini 1

Gemini 2

I asked both of them the same question. Gemini was able to narrow down the focus a lot better than ChatGPT. It focused on what key industries to target, company size, and business needs.

The resources it pointed towards for research are absolutely perfect. Gemini even included very simple targeting strategies and linked to some additional resources. ChatGPT wasn't able to give anything substantial.

Use Gemini for research!


2. Coding


Codota (Free) vs. GitHub Copilot (Paid)



Codota 1


Codota 2


Codota offers AI-based code completions primarily for Java, JavaScript, and TypeScript, integrating with popular IDEs.

Codota suggests coding functions that you will find useful, and it will help make coding easier for you. Also, if you're midway between writing code it will offer more reliable suggestions to complete your code along with the classes.

It will most certainly autocorrect your code just like a Grammarly extension.


GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot 1


GitHub Copilot 2


GitHub Copilot stands out with its deep integration into the coding workflow, providing autocomplete-style suggestions powered by a generative AI model developed by GitHub, OpenAI, and Microsoft.

Here are things you can do with GitHub Copilot:

  1. It provides autocomplete suggestions for code as you type, which can help you write code faster and more efficiently.
  2. You can ask Copilot technical questions directly in your code, and it will provide you with relevant answers and information.
  3. Copilot can help you remember the syntax for different programming languages and libraries.

There Is No Winner Here

Both Codota and GitHub Copilot offer a unique set of features. It's up to you to decide which is the right one for you.


3. Text to Video


Simplified (Free) vs. Runway Gen 2 (Paid)



Simplified Image 1


Simplified Image 2


Simplified AI is a free text-to-video online tool that will turn any text and convert it into a script and a professional-looking video.

All you have to do is prompt it and mess around with some simple settings. Then wait for it to generate something that will blow you away.


Runway Gen 2

Runway 1


Runway 2


Runway 3


With Runway Gen 2, you can technically use it for free but for only 3 video projects with watermarks. That isn't ideal. With the paid plan you have more options to generate videos for your business.

Runway works the same way in generating a high-quality video output and takes into account more details to provide videos with more depth. And it also takes into account image referencing to generate videos. And great news is that the paid plan is only $12 per user per month.


It's a Tie

No one takes a clear win here.


4. Project Management


Toggl Plan (Free) vs. Forecast (Paid)


Toggl Plan

Toggl Plan 1


Toggl Plan 2


Toggl Plan is the simplest way to plan, track, and deliver projects. It has drag-and-drop timelines that streamline your project delivery processes.

You can even set milestones to specific timelines. On the left side of the dashboard, you can easily appoint tasks to your team members and then see the entire schedule which is pretty neat.



Forecast 1


Forecast 2


Forecast app excels in resource management, allowing you to allocate your team members according to their skills, availability, and budget. To compare, the Toggl Plan doesn't offer dedicated resource management features.

Forecast AI helps manage a portfolio of projects, providing insights into overall project health and resource utilization.

Toggl Plan only focuses on individual projects.


Forecast AI Is the Winner

It has more personalized and dedicated features which puts it above the Toggl Plan.


5. Image Generation


Craiyon AI (Free) vs. Midjourney (Paid)


Craiyon AI

Craiyon AI


As you can see in the image, Craiyon AI was able to generate cool image concepts. But it didn't fulfill the prompt “Astronaut watching Netflix in Space.”





Midjourney depicted the concept of my prompt more accurately. So Midjourney wins this one.


6. Photo Editing


Vance AI (Free) vs. PicWish (Paid)


Vance AI

Vance AI 1


Vance AI 2




PicWish 1


PicWish 2


Vance AI is a free open-source AI image resolution scaler and image enhancer. PicWish is almost a mini graphic design tool that has features like AI instant background remover, video retouch, picture retouch, and a whole suite of other editing features.

Comparing both images, it's apparent that PicWish did a better job. It preserved the image details and sharpened it, too.

Since PicWish offers a wider range of features and its plan is quite cheap, I think you should go with this one!


7. Transcription


Otter AI (Free) vs. Descript (Paid)


Otter AI

 Otter AI 1


Otter AI 2


Otter AI turns your voiceover (which you record right with the tool) into a script. Also, it enables you to add comments and collaborate with your team members when editing it!





Descript gives you more freedom when compared to Otter AI.

You can upload any video of yourself talking and Descript will generate a complete script for you within seconds. Thanks to this, I must give it one point plus.

The choice depends on your needs. If you're searching for a perfect tool that generates scripts from videos, Descript is the way to go!


8. Data Analysis


KNIME (Free) vs. Power BI (Paid)





KNIME is an Open-source platform focused on data mining, analytics, and data science. It offers visualization and excels in data manipulation and data modeling.

With KNIME, you can build visual data pipelines using pre-built nodes. You can then use them for various tasks such as data cleaning, transformation, modeling, and visualization.

KNIME supports various algorithms and integrations with popular libraries like Python (Scikit-learn). Thanks to that, it allows you to fulfill your advanced data analysis needs.


Power BI

Power BI


Power BI offers a simple and intuitive interface for building dashboards and reports. It's suitable even for those with less technical expertise.

It seamlessly integrates with Microsoft products, such as Excel or Azure.

Power BI is a cloud-based platform that enables its users to easily collaborate on dashboards and reports.


The Result

KNIME is great for data scientists and analysts who need an open-source platform for data mining, modeling, and advanced analyses.

Power BI is perfect for business owners, managers, and those who need to create interactive dashboards and reports for data exploration and communication.


9. Email Marketing & Automation


Moosend (Free) vs. Omnisend (Paid)



Moosend 1


Moosend 2


Moosend 3


When you open the dashboard of Moosend, you find options such as Audience, Growth tools, Reports, and Automation on the upper side of the screen.

You can find all the statistics of your email activity in the main dashboard.

To create a campaign, you simply click on the plus symbol in the upper left corner. Select from one of the options.



Omnisend 1


Omnisend 2


Omnisend 3


Omnisend is more e-commerce-focused compared to Moosend. But it offers some cool features.

In Omnisend, you get a dashboard and a full library of different email types. Including Welcome emails, Abandoned Cart emails, Post Purchase emails, and more!

If you have an e-commerce business, not a B2B company, Omnisend is probably your best bet. It was built specifically for DTC brands. Moosend is great for entrepreneurs, business owners, and B2B people.


10. Audio Editing


Audacity (Free) vs. Ableton Live (Paid)




Audacity 1


Audacity 2


Audacity 3


Audacity is a great tool for recording. You can use it to record interviews, vocals, or even instruments.

If you need to perform basic editing tasks like trimming, cutting, splitting, and fading in/out on your audio clips, go for Audacity.

Once you finish editing your audio, you can pick the format of the file. Audacity gives you many options to choose from: MP3, WAV., etc.


Ableton Live

Ableton 1


Ableton 2


Ableton Live excels in looping and sequencing. It allows you to arrange and trigger your audio clips and create musical loops and sequences.

In Ableton Live, you can create and edit MIDI tracks to control your virtual instruments and hardware synthesizers.

Plus, you can apply various audio effects like EQ, compression, reverb, and delay to enhance the sound of your audio clips.

If you aren't a hardcore audio editor, Audacity will be just fine for you. However, if you're searching for a rather complex tool, go for Ableton Live.

robots fighting


The Choice Is Up to You!

The days when you had to rely on terrible mainstream digital media and automation tools are gone. With AI tools, you have many options to choose from.

Pick one that is the most suitable for your needs!