New SEO tricks: Boost Your Web Visibility With ChatGPT

Published 23. 10. 2023

Being found online is crucial for any business or individual. This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimization) comes into play. It's all about making your website more visible to people searching for products or services related to what you offer on search engines like Google. But with the rapid advancements in technology, the way we do SEO is evolving.

Think of ChatGPT as your smart assistant, helping you make your website more attractive to search engines and your audience.

Try these 10 SEO tricks using ChatGPT Plus. Make sure to download and activate the Webpilot plugin first.


This article covers:
Evaluating Content Satisfaction
Comprehensive Content Analysis and Summarization
Enhancing Page Titles
Optimizing Meta Descriptions
Strategic Cluster Planning
Ideation for Link-building
Elevating Content Quality
Outranking Competitors
Optimizing Internal Links
Concise Paragraphs for Quick Insights


  1. Evaluating Content Satisfaction

  • Description: Determine if a webpage meets the expectations of search engine users.
  • How-to: Input the URL into ChatGPT and inquire if the content aligns with a specific search term. Ensure the WebPilot plugin is active for this.
  • Added Value: Offers an unbiased assessment, helping you align content with user intent. Additionally, it can highlight areas of improvement, ensuring your content remains competitive.


ChatGPT plugins

  1. Comprehensive Content Analysis and Summarization

  • Description: Analyze multiple pages to discern overarching themes and quickly grasp the essence of content.
  • How-to: Enter URL. provide ChatGPT with specific prompts to categorize and analyze the content. For summarization, ask the AI to condense the themes for a swift understanding.
  • Added Value: Aids in understanding the content landscape, identifying gaps, and speeding up onboarding. This can help you guide content strategy, ensuring you address key topics and trends.


  1. Enhancing Page Titles

  • Description: Optimize your page titles based on behavioral science.
  • How-to: Study Google's "Messy Middle Part 2" report, then instruct ChatGPT to revamp your titles accordingly.
  • Added Value: Craft titles that resonate with user psychology, potentially increasing click-through rates (CTR). A compelling title can be the difference between a click and a scroll-by.


  1. Optimizing Meta Descriptions

  • Description: Even if they aren't always displayed, well-crafted meta descriptions can boost SEO.
  • How-to: Follow the process for page titles but focus on meta descriptions.
  • Added Value: Enhances the chances of a user clicking on your link from search results. A captivating meta description can also provide a brief insight, setting the right expectations for the reader.


  1. Strategic Cluster Planning

  • Description: Boost a page's rankings by surrounding it with supportive content.
  • How-to: Share your URL and goals with ChatGPT and get content suggestions complete with example URLs.
  • Added Value: Builds a robust content ecosystem around key pages, enhancing domain authority. This interconnected web of content can also improve user engagement and session duration.


  1. Ideation for Link-building

  • Description: Understand why certain content attracts backlinks.
  • How-to: Analyze high-backlink content in your sector using ChatGPT and derive a formula for success.
  • Added Value: Provides a roadmap for creating link-worthy content. Understanding the elements that make content attractive for backlinks can significantly amplify your outreach efforts.


  1. Elevating Content Quality

  • Description: Enhance content to better serve its purpose.
  • How-to: Ask ChatGPT what's missing or how the content can be improved.
  • Added Value: Ensures content is comprehensive and meets user needs. High-quality content can also boost dwell time, a potential ranking factor.


  1. Outranking Competitors

  • Description: Understand how top-ranking content outperforms yours.
  • How-to: Analyze higher-ranking posts using ChatGPT to discern their strengths.
  • Added Value: Provides actionable insights to climb the SERPs. By understanding what your competitors are doing right, you can tailor your strategy to outperform them.


  1. Optimizing Internal Links

  • Description: Strengthen your internal linking strategy.
  • How-to: Feed ChatGPT your URLs and get recommendations on strategic internal linking.
  • Added Value: Boosts page authority and improves user navigation. A well-structured internal linking strategy can also distribute page authority and improve crawl efficiency.


  1. Concise Paragraphs for Quick Insights

  • Description: Deliver core information swiftly.
  • How-to: Provide ChatGPT with your text and a prompt asking it to condense the information while retaining the main points.
  • Added Value: Respects the reader's time, enhancing user experience. Concise content can lead to better comprehension and retention.


Try some of these SEO tricks and witness a transformative impact on your digital presence. With AI and SEO working in tandem, the sky is the limit.