CustomGPTs 101: How To Build One That Will Max Out Your Creativity

Published 28. 11. 2023

OpenAI just recently equipped ChatGPT with the ability to create CustomGPTs inside the GPT builder and everyone's going crazy for it and for good reason too. If you look at ChatGPT as an AI language model it gives a generalized and broad output for any prompt you throw at it. The ability to design and create your own GPTs will narrow down the focus and make it a pure subject matter expert, which is insane.

Let's understand the true value of these CustomGPTs and how to actually build one!


Regular ChatGPT vs CustomGPTs (Which one to use?)

 We all have been using the latest version of ChatGPT for quite some time now and now it begs the question, why would anyone want to consider building their own GPT from scratch?


Here's why :

  1. A CustomGPT will play by your rules, your instructions, you can design it the way you want and it will give the exact output you expect from it.
  2. It will become a pure subject matter expert and not a jack of all trades. Now you can make it a tech expert, AI expert, sports expert, gaming expert, or anything you want.
  3. CustomGPTs will play a huge role in the future when the GPTStore becomes a huge thing and you can sell yours on the marketplace.


How to Build a CustomGPT from Scratch

How to locate CustomGPTs option


You can easily find the option to build CustomGPTs by heading over to the explore tab inside ChatGPT and selecting the option “Create your CustomGPT”. Once you have clicked this option you will get a screen on the left side where you can give the instructions and command the AI on what you would prefer to have in your GPT, and on the right side of the screen you will get a preview of how the GPT will look and function.


How to build GPT 1


How to build GPT 2


How to build GPT 3


The process itself is very self-explanatory and easy to do, you tell ChatGPT what kind of GPT you want and in what niche, in my case I chose gaming. Then ChatGPT will recommend a name for the GPT, you can either keep its suggestion or ask it to generate new names, until you land on the decisive option. Then it will ask you the main purpose of the GPT and the key points of interest it should keep its focus on.


How to generate Logo for GPT


Generating a logo for your GPT is something that can be done inside ChatGPT via Dall-E, you simply give it instructions on how you want your logo to look and what name it should have and in a matter of seconds Dall-E will generate a stunning logo.


How to build GPT 4


Next, it will ask you to determine how detailed the conversations should be or how should respond (Tone: Friendly, humorous, Formal, or informal). It will then display a message that your “CustomGPT (Name) is ready and you can start to have conversations with it. But the problem is, it has barely any knowledge of anything. It will only output responses based on the instructions you have given it so far, which sounds pretty useless.


How to build GPT 5


Now you want to head on over to the configure Tab right next to create. Here you can keep the preset conversation starters or add your own ones which will display on the Preview Screen. Make sure you have all the capabilities turned on like Code interpreter, Dall-E Image Generator, and Web Browsing.

Now comes the crucial part.

You have to feed your GPT with as much data as possible. In the knowledge section, you can upload doc files with your own info to train your AI model. Collecting information can be a challenge, but I covered a great AI Chrome Extension “Monica” in this guide which will help you generate instant summaries from YouTube videos and help extract data from blogs and articles.

The idea is to feed your GPT with as much data as possible to train it.


How to add actions for GPT

If you want your GPT to retrieve information and take action from third-party service providers outside ChatGPT, you can do that too. The most popular integration for this is Zapier, you can check out a detailed guide on this here.

I generated an output from it, take a look :


Testing how it works (GPT)


CustomGPTs are a new Era of AI Tech

 If you thought ChatGPT 4's new update was impressive,  CustomGPTs are even more impressive. The ability to create your own AI chat model from scratch is just insane. It gives you so much flexibility and control over commands and actions that you otherwise wouldn't have had with regular ChatGPT.

And with ChatGPTStore you can sell your GPTs and pump your revenue flow.