Claude Is Now Better Than ChatGPT. 9 Tech Stories You Missed in June 2024

Published 4. 7. 2024

I know you are busy, so let's cut to the chase. June was a wild month in the tech world, and if you blinked, you probably missed a lot. Here are 9 of the craziest tech stories from June 2024 that you need to know about.


1. AI Tools in Figma

Figma, the popular design tool, just rolled out some insane AI features. You can now for example generate user interfaces with a simple prompt and search for visual assets based on their appearance. It's a notable change for designers.




2. Claude Sonnet 3.5 vs. GPT-4o

Claude Sonnet 3.5 is making waves, proving to be a superior AI for coding compared to GPT-4o. It introduces a new feature called "artifacts," allowing you to save and piece together code snippets seamlessly.


3. Etched's New Transformer Chip

A startup called Etched has developed a chip called Sohu that embeds Transformer architecture directly onto silicon. This dramatically speeds up AI inference, making it a hot topic among tech enthusiasts.


4. Intel's Lunar L Chip

Intel is fighting back in the AI race with its Lunar L chip, designed to be more power-efficient for laptops. This means no more overheating issues while running heavy applications.


intel lunar l chip


5. Meta's LLM Compiler

Meta released a new LLM compiler model based on Llama, trained on 546 billion tokens. This model can potentially create its own programming languages, making years of learning HTML seem redundant.


6. Apple's $30 Billion Fine

Apple faces a $30 billion (about $92 per person in the US) fine for violating the EU's Digital Markets Act. This is a huge blow for the tech giant and a win for digital market regulation.


apple logo


7. GitHub Drama

A well-known GitHub contributor faced scrutiny after trying to support an outdated version of Node.js. Despite over 200 downvotes, the author defended his intentions, highlighting the complex dynamics of open-source contributions.


8. YouTube vs. Ad Blockers

YouTube is fighting ad blockers with server-injected ads, making it harder for users to skip commercials. This might mean more Double Down Dog ads from KFC in your future.


skip ad youtube


9. JavaScript Framework Wars

The State of JS 2023 results are in: React remains the top framework, while Vue.js continues to gain love. Svelte also holds a special place among developers.

And that's a wrap for June 2024! Stay tuned for more updates and keep riding the tech wave with me.