7 AI Trends That Will Shock Everyone In 2024

Published 4. 1. 2024

Let's face it, 2023 has been an amazing year for AI with all the techy advancements we've seen.


ChatGPT got updated multiple times with some insane updates, at first we only had GPT 3.5, then we had the paid version GPT 4.0, and even the paid version got updated like 4-5 times.

Tools like Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, and Dall-E also dominate the generative Image Generation space. AI videos became a massive talking point too and people had way too much fun with them.

So now it begs the question. What will 2024 have in store for us with AI and where will this AI hype train dwell next?


Table of content:

1. Video Generation Will Have Legendary Status
2. ChatGPT Will Go To Insane Levels
3. Deepfake Tech Will Be Indistinguishable
4. New AI Chat Models Will Be The Talking Point
5. Generative AI To Make Video Games?
6. Most Platforms Will Have Content Moderation Using AI
7. Gen AI To Improve Customer Experience
AI Is Here To Stay…


1. Video Generation Will Have Legendary Status

In 2023 we had Text-to-video tools like Lumen5, Pictory, and InVideo that can turn text into engaging video content.

But in 2024 we will have much more flexibility and control over how we can generate video with different forms of media.

For example, we may get tools that could use these things to generate a high-quality video output :

  • Pictures
  • Voice Commands
  • Artwork
  • Measuring brain activity to turn your imagination into videos



2. ChatGPT Will Go To Insane Levels




We already saw ChatGPT getting some insane upgrades for this year. It used to be a free open-source chat model, but then it got upgraded to the paid version, GPT-4, and GPT-4 itself got so many updates, the latest one being CustomGPTs.

In 2024 we're expecting it to get some massive upgrades.

The obvious one is everyone will be selling their insane CustomGPTs on the GPTstore and making a lot of money for themselves. It's expected that ChatGPT will be equipped with insane inbuilt video reading capabilities, where anyone can attach a video and ask ChatGPT questions related to it.

Maybe ChatGPT will implement top-of-the-funnel marketing strategies and help you generate high-quality leads.

Maybe ChatGPT will have abilities to scan and read a prospect's social media profile and craft a perfect sales pitch.

Some of these are speculations for now and it remains to be seen what OpenAI will do with ChatGPT in the future.



3. Deepfake Tech Will Be Indistinguishable


Deepfake Midjourney


Deepfake technology today is at a point where it's getting easier to trick people into believing a certain person said or did something but it's not quite reached a level where people can't catch it.

In 2024 Deepfake videos will become the norm and mapping faces onto other people will be as close to perfection as possible. This will either be a good thing or stir up a lot of new controversies.


4. New AI Chat Models Will Be The Talking Point


ChatGPT, Gemini, Claud


During the middle of 2023, ChatGPT got some serious competition with the likes of Google Bard, Claud, WriteSonic, and now just recently Google Gemini.

Google claims Gemini has gone above and beyond compared to the traditional LLMs primarily integrated with text. Gemini can slurp up insights from audio, images, and video.

Google Gemini is guaranteed to have a fantastic year ahead in 2024, but the real question is, how will it stack up to ChatGPT considering OpenAI will come hard at them? Well, that remains to be seen!



5. Generative AI To Make Video Games?


Video games being made with AI


This year we rarely saw any major AI tool give us the ability to make games using generative AI models, except for Unity.

Unity AI gave us an incredible glimpse of how it's possible to bring your vision to life with AI and Unity Muse. The concept of making games with generative AI has yet to be normalized, but in 2024 this is about to change big time.



6. Most Platforms Will Have Content Moderation Using AI


Content being moderated with AI


Facebook already stated that they're integrating AI more and more in their content moderation systems and we expect more tech conglomerates to soon pick up the pace in 2024, but we also expect content moderation with AI to become extremely advanced, based on logic and natural human patterns.



7. Gen AI To Improve Customer Experience


AI improving customer experience


Customer experience in any business has always been a massive talking point, so it will come as no surprise that AI will have a major role to play in this.

Gen AI will be more versatile, advanced, and intelligent in analyzing buying patterns, behaviors, customer data, demographics, and other data to give more stability to the CX model in any business.


AI Is Here To Stay…

2023 was a magnificent year for AI tech and advancements have happened at crazier rates than we expected.

At the start of the year, people were scared of AI, but as soon as AI cemented its roots in the marketing ecosystem, it got more normalized and people found Innovative ways to integrate AI in their workflow.

Moving into 2024 with that mindset will pave the way for insane discoveries within AI.