Video Marketing Trends 2023: How AI Is Changing the Game

Published 27. 4. 2023

The field of video marketing, like many other areas, is constantly evolving with new trends emerging each year. It is important for forward-thinking companies to stay up to date with these trends and not miss out. So, what are the latest video marketing trends for 2023?

The importance of online marketing videos has been growing for a long time and statistics confirm this trend:

  • 91% of consumers want to see more online video content from brands,
  • 92% of video marketers say they've gotten a good ROI from video marketing,
  • 8 out of 10 people have purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand's video.

Using videos to showcase products and services can be a highly effective marketing strategy. However, for those who are new to this field, it can be overwhelming. While we all come across various videos as viewers daily, understanding the following trends is one of the things that separates a skilled video creator from a beginner.


Artificial Intelligence is enhancing video content creation

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the video content creation industry. The advent of AI has led to the development of numerous useful tools aimed at streamlining the work of video content creators.

These innovative solutions are making it easier than ever to produce high-quality video content efficiently and effectively:


1. Adobe Podcast

Adobe Podcast is a tool that enhances the human voice, making it sound better. Users can drag and drop audio files with voice recordings, and the tool will remove background noise and sharpen voice frequencies, resulting in a professional-sounding recording.


2. Descript

Descript offers similar voice enhancement capabilities as Adobe Podcast, but more importantly, other more advanced features:

  • The transcription tool can convert audio files into text.
  • Thanks to its computer-generated voice feature, Descript's voice-to-speech tool can accurately read transcriptions in the user's own voice.
  • The overdub feature allows for easy error correction without requiring a full audio re-recording.


3. Synthesia

Synthesia takes it a step further and adds an AI-generated video avatar to the user's speech.

While the quality of the audio is generally high, the video avatar is quite easily distinguishable from a human. It may appear artificial and unnatural in certain contexts. However, as a guide for tutorial videos, such an avatar can be a useful tool.


Example of AI avatar in eWay-CRM presentation video.


4. AI features in DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve, a popular video editing software, now comes with several powerful AI features:

  • Resolve Superscale is an in-built feature that uses an advanced AI to convert low-resolution video into higher resolution. It can easily turn old footage into 4K or even 8K, so you don’t need to buy new expensive camera to get a better output.
  • Resolve Magic Mask feature is also a valuable addition to the software's color grading and VFX compositing toolset, allowing for quick and easy masking of people or objects. While it may not be as precise as frame-by-frame rotoscoping, it is an excellent option for anything that doesn't require pixel-perfect accuracy.



AI has numerous applications for video content creators, providing significant time-saving benefits for aspiring creators and small businesses alike. In addition to the apps and features mentioned, ChatGPT can also assist with tasks such as generating script ideas and providing guidance on new content creation.


Live videos are in

During the Covid lockdown, many people sought a respite from the monotony of Netflix series marathons by turning to live videos. This trend was noticeable as users created and shared home videos and streamed concerts without an in-person audience.

Live videos are successful for a reason - viewers tend to watch them three times longer than pre-recorded videos, as they feel more engaged. This can also be a valuable tool for promoting a company, through interviews or webinars. However, it's crucial to be well-prepared, as live content is difficult to control and the company should be mindful of what they present to viewers.


Users prefer short videos

As attention spans continue to decrease each year, video creators have limited time to capture their audience's interest. The optimal video length varies on each social network, and if the video fails to engage the viewer, they are likely to quickly move on to another one.

This is especially true for marketing videos, which can be even more challenging to create.


video attention span
Statistics prove that the most important part of the video is the first 10 seconds. More than half of the followers will not get past the first minute.


When creating a video to showcase a brand's product or service to a new audience, it's crucial that the message is concise, appealing, and authentic to the target demographic. The video's opening is especially crucial in grabbing and holding the viewer's attention, as they often make a decision within the first few seconds whether to keep watching or move on to something else.


Each platform requires a different attitude

Some creators upload their videos to YouTube and share the link on other social networks but a personalized approach can be more effective. Uploading videos directly on Facebook, for instance, can attract more viewers and sharing.

An effective video marketing strategy should consider the unique characteristics of each social media platform. Simply uploading the same video to all platforms is not enough. For example, Instagram has a different ideal video length than YouTube, and each platform has its own preferred format for different purposes. Social media platforms also have different requirements for video dimensions, length, data size, and call-to-action elements.

Therefore, video creators should tailor their videos to each platform to maximize engagement and effectiveness.


Video impact on SEO

If you are working on the SEO of your company's website, adding videos to your website can have a positive impact on its ranking.

Creating videos to showcase your business can have a significant impact on your website's ranking in search engine results. While you don't need to create lengthy soap operas, there is no better way to showcase your company's products or services than through video content.

Customers can truly engage with your business by watching videos that demonstrate what you do.


Marketing videos are not for big players only

To sum up, another trend worth mentioning is the accessibility of marketing video production. Small and medium-sized businesses can now invest in equipment of sufficient quality without breaking the bank.

Working with a professional freelancer is also an option if only a few presentation videos are needed. Moreover, webinars, tutorials, and Instagram stories can be created with just a laptop and smartphone. With the current ease and affordability of making marketing videos, it has never been more accessible for businesses.