How to Create Functioning Advertisement for Your Company: Key Message

Published 4. 3. 2019

This is a continuation of the previous article, How to Create Functioning Advertisement for Your Company.

Last time we talked about who to address. Based on that, we picked our communication channels. So now, when we are assigning the creation of our advertisement, we will know whether we want a graphic with a slogan, a YouTube video, a billboard, an invitation to a company event, or a PF card.


Because we already know the subject of our communication - our company, product, a special offer - we need to answer an important question.
What are we going to say about the subject? But that does not mean just the words we choose. Colors, pictures, graphics, and the style of our communication are also parts of the statement. They speak as well.

Try to express what you wish to accomplish by your advertisement - a feeling, an action, change of opinion...
What feeling, action, or deed should your advertisement bring?  
Try to write it down using only a few sentences that are easy to understand.
Take your time and make it perfect.


Then look for what's most important - What is the thing you want to tell those people in order to accomplish your goal? I'm sure your company has a lot to say, but this time express just the one most important message. 

The most important? Yes. But for who? It's not about the best feature of your product now, what you as experts value the most, but about what is the most relevant feature of your product for your potential customers.

Retro-ads Key message

The Key Message has to be unambiguous, relevant, and attractive for your target group.

Then think of a short reason why you can claim the thing you do, why your customer can believe it. And that's it!


Then we write our assignment organized into points, for the person who is supposed to create the advertisement. Finally, we fill in the individual things our advertisement has to contain: Company logo, long-term claim, colors, visual rules, maybe your website or price of the product, the duration of your offer or the date of the event, your phone number, and any additional things deemed necessary. Forgetting something essential could prevent your client from buying your product or service. But on the other hand, use only the important things so they are visible. Nothing kills an advertisement more than an abundance of everything.


Got it? Now it's almost time to invite those who can prepare your advertisement!

Maybe write it down first. You will find instructions in our next article How to Create Functioning Advertising: Written Assignment.