Boost Your Sales: How Modern CRM Turns Contacts into Contracts

Published 29. 3. 2024

If you've only ever thought of CRMs as fancy address books, it's time for a rethink. The right CRM, especially when combined with top-notch lead generation tools, can be a game-changer, boosting your sales significantly. Keep reading to find out how CRM can help you acquire new customers.


CRM systems are becoming more sophisticated every year. Staying on top of the latest features and upgrades can be a challenge without a tech-savvy team member. The gap between the basic CRM setup and leveraging its full potential is vast. Yet, with scalable CRM software, you can expand its capabilities over time and integrate it with powerful lead generation tools to achieve even better results.

So, what should you look for in CRM software?


Keeping Your Data Organized Is Essential

For many businesses, CRMs are indispensable for managing contacts, business opportunities, or projects. They streamline communication and organization, making it easier to work efficiently. Without a CRM, managing this information across emails, spreadsheets, or even whiteboards can be chaotic. CRMs shine by centralizing all this data, accessible anytime, anywhere, ensuring you never miss a beat.

Keeping your data organized is essential. But a lot of companies stop there. What if the CRM can help you not only process but also acquire new business opportunities?


Going Beyond Basic CRM Use

Over the years, CRMs have gotten a lot more complex and powerful. They now offer bells and whistles to help with marketing, sales, and understanding how your business is doing. But if no one's paying attention to these new features, you might miss out on making the most of your CRM. It's like having a smartphone but only using it to make calls.

Modern CRMs are designed to support marketing and sales efforts throughout the entire customer journey, from the initial contact to the final sale analysis. They can automate the generation of new business opportunities, making it easier for sales teams to spot and act on them.


How Does a CRM Help Find New Customers?

There are some cool ways a CRM can help get new leads, which are potential customers:

  • Email marketing: To attract new customers, companies can send out mass emails if they build a list of contact information. If the person sending the email crafts a message that's too good to ignore, it could very well turn potential leads into actual deals.
  • Web chats and forms: When someone chats on your website or fills out a form, that information can go straight into your CRM, creating a new lead without you having to do anything.
  • Lead generation tools: These are like superpowers for your CRM. They can figure out who's visiting your website and even guess which company they're from. This way, you can reach out to them with a warm hello, already knowing a bit about them.


Quick Tip
Lead generation tools are able to identify the company from which the visitor came to the website and, thanks to the connection with the LinkedIn, they can also suggest a specific person who may be responsible for the sales in the company.


The Importance of Statistics

Lead generation tools are really very powerful, and it usually pays to start using them. However, every good sales director should not settle for anything less than absolute certainty based on specific numbers. And that is the magic of CRM systems. Sales reps not only manage business opportunities in them, but they also access the data needed for analysis there.

If the CRM system can identify where a potential client came from, a sales director can evaluate the effectiveness of individual channels. Whether directly in the CRM environment or in the integrated analytical tools, such as Microsoft Power BI. This way, you can easily find out whether the revenue from the business opportunities that came from the lead generation tool exceeds the costs incurred. Once a company in CRM gains statistical certainty that this solution really pays off, it can focus on development in other areas.


Quick Tip
Setting up the integration of 3rd party apps with the CRM doesn't have to be complicated. Especially when using integrated online services like Zapier, even a small business owner can handle the settings without any coding knowledge.


Summing It All Up

In simple terms, CRMs are evolving from just organizing contacts to actively helping businesses grow by finding new customers. With email marketing, web forms, and advanced lead generation tools, CRMs are becoming an essential part of understanding and increasing your customer base. It's about making the most of every opportunity and always knowing the best moves to make for your business.