Chief Editor vs. Content Marketing Manager: Who Do You Need?

Published 16. 10. 2023

Content Marketing Manager or Chief Editor: which role truly drives your brand's message? If you're grappling with this pivotal decision, delve into my firsthand experience navigating and distinguishing these integral roles.

Each Role Carries its Weight and Uniqueness

What happens when you find yourself standing in two critical positions? It's like being handed two different scripts for a play and being told to perform both. I've walked this tightrope, juggling the preciseness and creativity of a Chief Editor with the strategy-driven mindset of a Content Marketing Manager.

Let me unravel the nuances of each role and share my insights.


The Chief Editor: Keeping Content Top-Notch

Main Tasks:

  • Guarding Content: Makes sure everything that is published is consistent and true to the brand.
  • Checking for Mistakes: Before anything goes live, it's the editor's job to catch any typos or errors.
  • Leading Writers: Editors guide writers, give feedback, and help them grow.
  • Planning Content: Decides what gets published when and handles any changes to the plan.


Content Marketing Manager: Making Content Visible

Main Tasks:

  • Crafting Strategy: Figuring out what readers/clients want and how to give it to them.
  • Engaging Readers: Making content that grabs attention (even outside the blog).
  • Distribution: Deciding which channels to leverage (google organic, social media, referral...) and reaching out to influencers.
  • Measuring Success: Uses data to see how we're doing and where we can improve. And creating reports.
  • Teamwork: Working with other teams like sales and design to make overall content even better.


Where They Meet and Where They Don't

Meeting Points:

  • Staying True to Our Voice: Both roles ensure everything we publish sounds like "us".
  • Aiming for the Goal: Both work towards the same big goals, like getting our brand out there.


  • What They Focus On: Editors look at content quality of a blog/medium. Content Managers focus on strategy (whole content funnel, multiple channels) and results.
  • Getting Feedback: Editors often hear from their team, friends or higher-ups. Content Managers lean on Google Analytics 4


Handling Both Roles: My Perspective

Being both is tough.

As a chief editor, I want everything perfect. As a manager, I have to think of strategy and time. But this dual role gives me a full view of our content's journey, from idea to impact.

It's all about balance. Quality is key, but so is being flexible and strategic. And, always keeping our readers in mind.


Are You Wearing Two Hats?

Wearing multiple hats makes people highly skilled. Going through different roles will teach you to see the bigger picture. Yes, it has its ups and downs. But it's given me a full view of content, from creation to results.

If you are a decision maker (marketing director, business owner), think twice about what your goal is. Delivering great content that also hits your business targets.

I will see you in the next article.