6 Strategies for Acquiring New Customers and Enhancing Business Growth

Published 18. 8. 2023

Facing the challenge of retaining customers while attracting new ones can feel like an uphill battle. But what if there was a way to stand out and resonate? Our guide offers 6 proven methods to genuinely connect with fresh markets and cultivate lasting relationships.

1. Get to know your customers

The core thing for any kind of success is to know your customers. Know their needs and know how to communicate with them. For example, local bakeries or pubs usually know their local clients very well. They know how to communicate with their customers and what their needs are.

However, bigger companies cannot know all their customers in person and that is why they should create the so-called marketing personas. Fictitious profiles of ideal customers, which show almost everything the company knows about its customers, they also help in reaching new customers. Addressing the crowd anonymously is often unpredictable. But if you imagine, for example, Jane, the manager, from New York and the service technician Ben from Texas, you will certainly offer your product differently. Or you won't even offer it at all.


Quick Tip
If you don't know what your main customer looks like, you shouldn’t guess but try the ABC method. With this analysis, you can find out which of the existing customers are most important to you, and you can derive your ideal marketing person accordingly.


2. Choose the right channels to reach new customers

The profile of a potential customer is suitable not only for adapting the style of communication. It will also help you decide which channels to address. What channels do your customers use most? If your average potential customer is a 50-year-old service technician, looking for them on Instagram will be useless in most cases. For example, email marketing will certainly be more appropriate.

On the other hand, Internet users, with whom potential customers are hiding somewhere, register on new platforms daily. Even corporate strategies that have been successful for many years sometimes lost their potential and need innovation. If you want to reach new customers, you should experiment and try new marketing tools.


3. Create content that reaches new customers

write guest posts

When addressing potential customers, it is important to look at the purchasing process as a whole. In fields such as IT, real estate, and others, it is much more complicated to make a deal than in the mentioned bakery or pub. Therefore, it is not enough to come up with a great price offer or an offer of other benefits to address as many new customers as possible.

It certainly makes sense to offer a better price and other advantages compared to the competition. This way, it is possible to impress customers who have already decided. But new customers need to be attracted first. Nowadays, it pays back to companies to reach new customers through interesting content.

One of the basic assumptions of the so-called content marketing is that the content must be not only interesting but also relevant. For example, a funny video can attract crowds to discussions on social networks, but it makes no sense if they are not interested in your services at all.

The goal should not just be to entertain and engage relevant audiences. Before a potential customer makes a purchase decision, you can use expert articles or podcasts to demonstrate your expertise and build trust or convince the customer of the benefits of your solution.

But what's the point of creating content when it doesn't have an audience? You must not forget that the distributing of content is the same important as its creation. Therefore, it pays to spend certain time promoting on social networks or building a database of email contacts and sending bulk emails.


4. Use reviews of satisfied customers


Entrepreneurs often see online reviews more like something worse than a possible promotion tool. At the same time, it is far more advantageous to be active and respond to reviews. Whether it's the answer itself or by improving what customers don't like. The best reviews are then worth mentioning on the company's website. Satisfied reactions of existing customers to the new ones have a very positive effect.

The company may be even more active and request a review by email after some period after the purchase. In the end, the result is still "only" the customer's rating. The active strategy is to involve existing customers in reaching the new ones through reference programs. In practice, the existing satisfied customer will simply recommend a company and will get a gift or reward if their recommendation helps obtain a new customer.


5. Connect with a company from a similar industry

Just as a satisfied customer can promote a company, you can also use the references of a partner company. The collaboration of companies that are work in the same field, without competing, can benefit both parties.

Companies can be complimentary. Back to our examples with pubs and bakeries, for example, a pub can serve bread and buns from local bakeries, or they can offer fresh pastries from Ben’s Bakery. The difference is obvious. In the first case, the bakery is just a supplier, while in the second case there is a partner to whom the cooperation can bring new customers. Alternatively, companies can agree on additional sales with a commission.

In the online world, the possibilities of mutual promotion are taking us into another dimension. We are all trying to keep to the marketing budget as much as possible. In the fight against social media algorithms, which very strongly prefer paid content, the ally is suitable. It doesn’t mean that one company just mentions the other one. If you run a company blog or record videos or podcasts, you can have an expert interview with a person from a partner company, inform about their useful news, and so on.


6. Offer something extra

The last tip on how to reach new customers is a discount offer. Discounts on the first purchase, free first-month service offers, a gift shop and we could go on and on.

Why is it the last one? Some entrepreneurs perceive discount promotions as an expression of despair. However, there is another opinion here. Looking at the whole purchasing process and the efforts made for promotion, the discount can be handy.

Imagine that a competing company has captivated a potential customer with professional articles or other content, the customer has decided to purchase, but before that, they will check the competition. If they find a better price, a lower price for shipping, or another convincing argument after the discount, you will eventually skim off.



Unlocking a larger customer base is a complex process that requires understanding, innovation, and strategic planning. By mastering the art of comprehending your audience, utilizing effective communication channels, creating meaningful content, embracing customer reviews, and forging symbiotic partnerships, businesses can chart a trajectory towards sustained growth and prosperity. The pursuit of new customers is not merely a quest; it's an odyssey that propels businesses to new horizons of accomplishment.