5 Tips To Bridge The Gap Between Marketing And Sales Teams

Published 3. 10. 2019

One of the top problems plaguing businesses is the disconnect between sales and marketing teams. While companies stress that communication is key, the connection between sales and marketing is often forgotten. As a result, uncovering ways to create concrete, real-world solutions for bridging the gap has developed into one of the foremost goals for marketers and sales executives. Listed below are five tips which will help you bridge the gap between marketing and sales teams. 


Hold Regular Meetings

One of the first steps you can take in bridging the gap between both teams is by holding regular meetings. Create a time and place where members of both teams can meet to begin planning initial strategies and voice their thoughts on what may attract and retain new customers. This will help align both teams to a common goal and will actively avoid any miscommunication that may stem.



Create Valuable Content

Often, what sales teams want most from marketers is a large amount of better quality leads. It has been proven that marketers who create valuable content are more likely to generate these leads. As a result, content that sets you apart from the competition and nurtures relationships with potential customers is invaluable. Interactive content and various social media campaigns can help produce these leads that further assist the sales teams. Conversely, impersonal content that is generic and meant to appeal to the masses will fail both your sales team as well as your customers.


Utilize a Customer Relationship Management System

While CRM platforms are usually viewed as exclusive for sales teams, they can be useful for marketers as well. As you work to align both your marketing and sales teams, then you should try to bridge that gap by allowing marketers to have access to this platform. A number of companies have begun viewing CRM platforms as valuable tools for marketers to continue moving leads down the pipeline rather than letting them get lost. Both teams can actively view campaigns and determine what works and what doesn’t. By working together, sales and marketing can build bonds that will effectively improve communication channels between everyone.


Make Materials Accessible for Everyone

Likewise, another step that you can take in bridging the gap is making all of your data and materials accessible to members of both teams. Uniformity and consistency is essential for creating a brand that attracts and retains customers. You can actively avoid inconsistencies and the frustration that stems from that by creating an environment which encourages the sharing of materials. Whether you create an internal digital asset management system or even a Dropbox for files, you should ensure that everything is easily accessible. In the end, this simple step can radically change the way in which these two teams interact with one another.


Define Common Terms

Finally, you should take time to check and make sure that your marketing and sales teams are on the same page in regards to common terms and definitions. If they disagree on the simplest of things, then it may lead to slowdowns and frustration between both teams. However, if you work to define common concepts and terms in a consistent way for both teams, then you can help them create new campaigns. This is critical for increasing the efficiency of your company.

Ultimately, you should proactively search for ways to improve the communication between both teams. Sales and marketing are essential for a business that is hoping to grow. Improving communication is a slow process that will require a number of phases and steps, but it may prove to be invaluable.


Corey Tyner is the owner of We Buy Land Arizona, Phoenix Fast Sell Home Buyers, and Austin Fast Sell Home Buyers. He is one of the top real estate investors in Arizona with over a decade of experience. His work has been featured on Bigger Pockets, Real Estate Agent Magazine, and several other real estate investor publications.