Current anti-coronavirus measures are affecting companies around the world. However, the marketing departments of companies worried about the worst should remember one of the basic lessons that can be found not only in the media, and that is not to panic. What further steps to take in the situation?


  1. Show your customers you are alive

It is said that a desperate time requires desperate action. But do you really want to be desperate in the eyes of customers? In the crisis, plan place a 90% discount to the last place and calmly think about everything. If you are not one of the companies whose operation would be suspended under a government order, at first inform your customers that you are still operating and specify under what conditions. Depending on the field of business, the more specific information will most often relate to the availability of goods and services, the transport and dispatch of goods, the method of payment or hours of operation.

The information that you normally take for granted can be your advantage in the current situation and bring customers who might not use your services just out of uncertainty. So, make sure you know how you work. For example, food delivery restaurants may emphasize contactless handover. Don’t be afraid to highlight such information on your website, social networks or in PPC campaigns. For many customers, such information is currently more valuable than free shipping.


  1. Be careful about sensitive topics

We live in a time of social media and some individuals represent the brand and the company also in private to a large extent. When someone in such a position disrespects security measures or shares humorous content related to this topic, they can often play with the company's reputation.

It is also important to realize that in recent weeks, new information has been constantly appearing, which often throws the older ones into a completely different light. So, if your business statement is related to this issue, think about whether you want to stand up for it in a week or so.


  1. Empathy and solidarity

Have you noticed an increase in solidarity between companies? Some donate their own time and money, others help in the distribution of materials or providing their own services and products free of charge to those in need. Although hopefully the main motivation is the desire to help, helping others is also a fantastic kind of promotion.

So, consider what your options are, help and document your help on social networks. Actually, heroic stories are very hot now. Who knows? Maybe your company will become a positive example for others and a viral hit on social networks.


  1. Be original

The public attention is currently focused in one direction. If you have so far tried to fight competition or banner blindness, you must now count on a possible change in the thinking of your existing and potential customers. So try sometimes to turn off the track.

You can try to humorously respond to current events. Still, you have to be careful and sensitive. For example, if you have a character in your company or project logo, no one will be offended by temporarily putting a face mask on.


  1. Work on your work organization

A huge number of marketers are currently working from home. If you are one, work on your work organization. Make sure your colleagues know what to do and what you are working on. Set clear communication rules for your team. Ideally, you should keep important information about your tasks and projects in a clear and accessible form in a CRM system. For other communications, you can use instant messaging, phone calls, or email applications. Even the distribution of communication into these channels should have its rules.