Microsoft Teams Commands That Will Make You Wonder How You Managed Before

Published 28. 5. 2024

Our favorite ecosystem is the one by Microsoft. The most used one? Definitely MS Teams. In this article, we will have a look at the MS Teams commands that will make your work easier.

There’s nothing difficult about using commands in Teams. Still, we could say it’s a hidden feature of the app. Me myself, I didn’t know about the Teams’ commands for a long time.

Let’s not waste our time anymore and take a look at the best ones right now!


Table of contents:
Work with Commands in MS Teams Like This
Who Can Use Commands in MS Teams?
List of Top MS Teams Commands
Microsoft Updates the List Regularly


Work with Commands in MS Teams Like This

To use a command in MS Teams, use / in the command box at the top.

Then, the menu of all available commands will appear. See the screenshot.


MS Teams commands


Pick the command you’re looking for and let Teams take care of everything else.


There are two more options for how to open the list of commands. If you use Windows, you do it by pressing ALT + K on your keyboard. And if you’re a Mac user, press Option + K on your device.


Who Can Use Commands in MS Teams?

Commands in Teams are available to every user. However, it can occur that some of them might not work for you. The feature might also be disabled completely. For example, because your organization has done so centrally.


List of Top MS Teams Commands


/availableSet status to “Available”.
/ChatSet a quick message to a certain person.
/callDial someone.
/awaySet status to “Away”.
/busySet status to “Busy”.
/dndSet status to “Do not disturb”.
/BrbSet status to “I’ll be right back”.
/OfflineSet status to “Offline”.
/YoutubeSearch for a video on YouTube and watch it during a meeting.
/PowerBiCheck the data.
/PraisePraise your colleagues.



Microsoft Updates the List Regularly

I assume that Microsoft updates the list of commands regularly. Until recently I didn’t see the command mentioned above /Youtube. If you plan to use the commands frequently, you don’t have to be scared of missing out.

I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in the next article!