Keep Your Company Under Control Even at the Beach With eWay-CRM Online

Published 25. 6. 2024

Summer is a season when many of us find ourselves outside of our usual work environments. We travel and want to enjoy time spent with our loved ones. However, leaders must often stay in touch with their colleagues even during this time. And that’s why this season is the perfect to get started with eWay-CRM Online. Let’s explore its benefits!


As a manager, CEO, or a business owner, you have great responsibility for your company. And every step your people take.

Every day you’re out of the office can be decisive. The situation in your company may change. There may come a moment when you’ll have to intervene. To respond to something that comes unexpectedly. Take things in your own hands.

How to do that smartly? And in a way that will be comfortable for you even on your vacation? eWay-CRM Online is the way to go.


Table of contents:
Stay in Touch
Online Is the Future
Always in the Reach


Stay in Touch

If you wanted to compare the desktop and Online versions of eWay-CRM, you’d find the Online offers much more.

What are its benefits then?


Access Flexibility

One of the biggest benefits of eWay-CRM Online is access flexibility.

You can log into your CRM from basically anywhere. And it doesn’t matter whether you use a Mac, a web browser, the new Outlook, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Thanks to this, you can take any device with you on your travels. It doesn’t have to be your heavy work laptop.


eWay-CRM Online interface


Data Access Anytime, Anywhere

Say goodbye to data synchronization issues.

With eWay-CRM Online your data is visible immediately. And it’s available in real-time which is priceless when traveling.


data access


No Need for Local Database

Another benefit of eWay-CRM Online is the absence of a local database on its user’s PC.

All data is stored right in the cloud which means your data will be in a safe space. And you won’t be dependent on only one device.

Quite the opposite. Your data will be available to you from anywhere. Access them when sunbathing on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or enjoying a cup of delicious coffee in a secluded cafe on the other side of the world.


Preview Panel and New Personalized Homepage

eWay-CRM Online offers a preview panel that displays contact information right in the email preview.

And the new personalized home page provides an overview of activities and tasks on the first page of your CRM.

Therefore, you’ll always see the most important information first without the need to navigate through the menu.


overview of activities


Alternative Data Views and Color-Coded Categories

eWay-CRM Online offers an alternative view of data in board view.

Also, you can adjust the size of the lines as well as their colors. Do all according to your preferences. So, the work with the CRM is as comfortable and effective as possible for you.


Google Maps Integration and Forms by Groups

Integration with Google Maps, that’s a huge advantage of an online version of eWay-CRM.

It will allow you to open the location of your client right from the box with their address. Looking at their personal information will be faster. And will allow you to work more efficiently overall.

When it comes to forms, you can differentiate them according to user groups now. This will help you to stay organized in your favorite CRM.


Bulk Email Upload and One-Click Editing

Upload a huge number of emails and attach them to your contacts. This way you won’t lose any message.

The good news is that you can attach emails to your contacts even additionally.

Making edits right in the lists? No problem. Do it without the need to open individual cards. Literally with only one click.


In-Cell editing


Online Is the Future

Right now, we are launching a 30-day trial for our users to try out the new version of eWay-CRM Online which we believe will come in handy before the summer holidays.

And if you like the new eWay-CRM Online, you can simply change your subscription to an Enterprise license to keep it.


Plus, we offer a 10% discount for the annual contracts.

Would you like to sign up for a longer period than a year? Go for a three-year contract with a 25% discount.


We are going to work on the Enterprise version continuously and bring you more new and exciting features in the future.

The recent release of eWay-CRM 8.3 brings a lot of new features to you already. And its main goal? To make your work even more productive.

Check out the novelties in our introduction video:



Always in the Reach

Summer is the time when we want to be as far away from the office as possible.

But when working, make it pleasant!

The functions mentioned above are just a piece of what eWay-CRM Online offers.

Give it a try. And enjoy the online environment restriction-free even after the end of summer.


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