How to Deal With Implementation of CRM for Outlook When Some Employees Use MacBook?

Published 28. 4. 2020

CRM system as a plugin, or part of Outlook environment, is very effective. Businesses interested in this solution often find that some employees use MacBooks and are not as compatible with the rest of the Windows team. However, there is a solution.


Choosing the right CRM system is an important step for every company, as its employees will use it daily to be more efficient at work. And, of course, they will be most effective with the most appropriate CRM. Therefore, employees should truly decide on the choice of CRM. Their observations from practice are priceless, and moreover, by participating in the selection of software internally they will be identified with its selection. But as life goes on, there is rarely a perfect match between those who make decisions about CRM.


Key users must always have the last word

If a company is in a deadlock when choosing CRM software, it would be a pity to reject a quality solution if just a very small number of employees is not satisfied. Employees can get excited about CRM, which is integrated into Outlook, when they work with it very intensively and know it. They do not have to blame their colleagues for the fact that some of them do not use it. On the other hand, why reject the solution that suits them?

One of the most common problems in these companies is that most employees use Microsoft Outlook and a few people work on a MacBook. The crucial question in this case is whether they are the key users of the system. If they really are the key users of the system, then choosing a quality desktop CRM will involve the deployment of virtualization tools such as Parallel Desktop or VMWare. They allow parallel running of Windows in the background and running of just one specific application. The Online Office, which runs this Windows in the Cloud, and users can access it from a remote desktop, can also be a solution.


Are all users key to your business?

The fact that someone is not a key CRM user does not mean that it diminishes their importance in the company. After all, cleaners or maintenance workers usually do not use MacBook Pro. Maybe in Dubai or Qatar. If a MacBook is used by a project manager or a sales rep whose main job is to work with customers, then it is logical that the customer relationship management system will be used to a maximum level and they should be involved in deciding about a CRM system. On the other hand, a typical example of MacBook Pro users who do not use most of the CRM system features are graphic designers, for whom MacBook Pro is a leading tool for working with graphics and video editing.

It is a paradox, but the key CRM users do not necessarily include the company owner. Especially if they do not come into contact with administration on a daily basis. However, this does not mean that company owners will not decide on the selection of the CRM system and that they will not have an overview of the operation of the company after the introduction of CRM. The solution is not to cut employees or even owners from the CRM system and communicate with others.


CRM in Outlook or a web application? Both!

A company where key users prefer CRM in Outlook and others work on a MacBook should not make a compromise. In this way, key users lose efficiency and others gain nothing. eWay-CRM offers the main CRM solution as a natural part of Outlook and also another variant of eWay-CRM Web application. MacBook users only need an internet connection and a web browser to run it.

At the same time, it is important for these users that they have all the key CRM functions in the web interface and work with the same database as their colleagues in Outlook. The basis is working with contacts and companies. If we stick to the above example of a graphic designer and company owner the graphic designer will certainly work with tasks and documents and will put down the time spent on graphic work. On the contrary, the owner of the company is unlikely to solve his attendance and absence but will certainly need to have an overview of the business opportunities and projects of the company.

In the interest of the company, two applications of different parameters, but working with a single database, represent a functional solution. Key users of sophisticated CRM that is integrated in Outlook will really benefit from it, while other users will appreciate that they do not need to install another application or even switch to other hardware, which is usually not acceptable for MacBook users.