Does the Early Bird Get the Worm? Kim and Baťa Would Agree on This

Published 28. 12. 2023

Lark or owl? Which one is better for an individual who seeks to be more productive? The right answer to this question is difficult to find. We must ask ourselves but take into consideration also advice from experts. How come the early birds are so successful? And should you follow their routines?


We've clutched different straws when searching for information about how long we should sleep. We googled information on the internet, discussed it with friends, and tried to focus on the needs of our bodies. In the end, we decided on one but was the decision right?

It is useful to look at sleep and its impact on our productivity from various points of view. And consider experts’ opinions and findings.

In this article, you’ll find all the answers you've been searching for.

Let’s have a look at how long we should sleep to wake up to successful days. How to think of sleep and why are the richest people in the world larks?

If you run a business or are a manager, it is essential to work with your time carefully. And think through every step. Discipline is here, as elsewhere, a gilded word.


Table of contents:
Myths and Facts, Early Birds and Night Owls
Getting Up Early = Success?
Experts Nod but There Is a Catch
Good morning, Tomáš!
First Steps of a Successful Day
What to Remember


Myths and Facts, Early Birds and Night Owls

A myth goes around that long working hours and fewer hours of sleep make us more productive. We expect to do more if we work longer. However, this is not true in the long run.

Another myth is that early mornings mean one does not sleep long enough. Again, this does not have to be true. It is all about our sleep schedule. If you want to get up early and feel fresh, go to bed early.




Getting Up Early = Success?

If you look at successful entrepreneurs, you can see that most are larks.

Those who get up before sunrise are almost two-thirds. Including Mark Wahlberg or Tim Cook. Kim Kardashian is also known for getting up early. Her day starts at 4 a.m. and one of the first activities she does is workout.

There are many reasons why entrepreneurs get up early. Most of them agree that it is because of a peaceful environment.

There is rarely anyone around them in such early hours. That means it is much easier for them to focus on anything in silence.

Another reason successful people prefer getting up early is to be the first ones who check the news. By this, they keep themselves well-informed.

It does not matter if it is about politics, the stock market, or the numbers of your company. Early mornings will allow you to react quickly to new realities. Only then you'll be able to benefit from almost any situation.

Let me give you an example.

You get up and find out that there is a negative review of your product in one of the renowned newspapers. This newspaper is read by everyone. Therefore, any negative review published there might hurt your company’s reputation.

When you are on your feet early, you can reduce the damage. Or even turn it to the company’s advantage. For example, you can prepare and publish a statement.

It works similarly with investments. Knowing the value of your property or assets early can help you to maintain its profitability. Or to take steps that will prevent future losses.

Be the first one who knows what’s going on. Take control and make profitable decisions.




Experts Nod but There Is a Catch

American researchers Gretchen Spreitzer and Christopher Barnes studied the lifestyle of wealthy people. The goal of their research was to find out whether wealth, productivity, and popularity come with early mornings.

You’ll not be surprised by the result of the research. They agreed that getting up early is a positive approach. However, only if an individual sleeps long enough throughout the night. What does it mean? If you want to get up early, you must go to bed early. Always avoid sleep debt.

Spreitzer and Barnes found that sleep debt can harm one's both personal and working life.

It can lead to many health issues: higher risk of cardiovascular illnesses, mental disorders, issues with hormone production, and much more.

If you don’t get enough sleep, your immune system is weakened. Among other things, working too much and not resting enough can lead to burnout.




Do you ask how long you should sleep then? We don’t have to go across the border of the Czech Republic to give you an answer. Even Tomáš Baťa set the 8-8-8 rule. Which means 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, and 8 hours of rest. His rule is considered the right one even by experts in the field. Including Mathew Walker who is one of the most popular sleep experts nowadays.


Good morning Tomáš!

Baťa was well aware of the importance of sleep. He knew that thanks to good sleep, one is happier and more mentally stable. Then they focus better on work which makes them more productive.

Let’s talk about Baťa a for a bit longer. Not only did he come up with revolutionary thoughts in the footwear industry, but he opened the eyes of many in their personal life, too. He was interested in a healthy lifestyle. He discussed it with experts a lot and lived according to their recommendations. Everything he had learned he passed on to his employees (co-workers as he would refer to them).

He knew how important it is to focus on oneself first. If one is happy and healthy, they are better leaders.

Take an example from Baťa. Focus on yourself first. Do your best to improve both your mental and physical health. Only then you'll be able to build an empire.




Baťa himself was not a good sleeper. If he had breakfast with Kim Kardashian, they would probably laugh at how short their sleep was. But what they would agree on is that early mornings are essential for them to be successful.

Here comes the time for individual approach to sleep and rest as such. If you can’t sleep the whole 8 hours don’t push yourself. Each of us needs a different amount of time for regeneration.

But first, ask yourself: Is this amount of sleep enough for me? Do I feel fresh and well? If the answers to these questions are YES, you can check sleep off your list. And start improving other areas of your life.


First Steps of a Successful Day

If you ache to be more productive, you mustn’t neglect other areas of your life.

According to billionaires, mornings are incredibly important for a human being. What activities should you start your productive day with?

Here are 8 morning rituals billionaires practice every day:


  1. Physical exercise - You can pick any physical activity. Some people like to go to the gym, others prefer to work out in the fresh air. The reason we should exercise is to awaken our mind and body. And to step into the new day energized.
  2. The most important projects are completed first - Your working day should start by completing the most important task first. Thanks to this, you will be stress-free during the entire day. And you’ll be able to focus on other tasks more.
  3. Personal project - Do something that makes you happy after you get up. If you like to paint, paint something. If you like music, listen to your favorite artist on your way to work.
  4. "Do-It-Yourself" approach to life – The rich can hire staff to do things for them, but many prefer to manage their personal tasks themselves. For example, they can go to eat in restaurants every day. But making lunch for themselves is what they enjoy doing.It might seem like a small thing but thanks to taking care of themselves, they can have better control over their life. Also, they maintain their humbleness even at the peak of their careers. Thanks to humbleness one is a better person. And thanks to being in charge, they experience less stress. They have the most important things (e.g., health) in their hands.
  5. Reading - As Mridha noted “Knowledge is a wealth that cannot be stolen.” Continue educating yourself after school. Don't stop being curious and search for information. Warren Buffet said that thanks to reading he could make better decisions. It made him think about issues more complexly and prevented him from impulsive reactions.
  6. Meditation - Meditation helps to control both thoughts and emotions. Thanks to this exercise, you will be mentally stronger. Plus, it will help you to eliminate anxiousness.
  7. Family time - Mornings spent with family help us to strengthen relationships. It is a relaxing time for all. The family cheers you up and gives you a sense of belongingness. Have breakfast with your loved ones and your working day will be brighter.
  8. Planning - Having a time plan is crucial for any business owner or manager. If you wisely plan your time, you never miss a deadline. Plus, you'll experience less stress and have better knowledge of your future tasks. Also, your mind will be clearer because you won’t have to keep everything in your memory. Look into your planner or calendar and prepare.


Remember, a balanced personal life makes you more productive. Don’t focus only on your sleeping habits. Think of your diet, relationships, physical health, and education, too. Only then you’ll be able to reach your goals.




What to Remember

Researchers from Northwestern University found out that owls have a 10% higher risk of dying sooner in comparison with larks. That should make us rethink our sleep schedule. As a lark, you might miss nights out with friends, but it is going to improve your lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle means eating good quality food rich in vitamins and minerals, exercise, and a well-planned time schedule. From findings and routines of successful people, we can conclude that being an early bird is advantageous.

However, your dream life will never come without discipline and diligence. Be consistent and strict with yourself. Then, no mountain will be unclimbable for you.