Tutorial Videos - 3 new Episodes

Published 17. 1. 2020

We have launched three new Episodes of our tutorial videos showing you the way eWay-CRM works. 

After Episode 1 dedicated to How to Use eWay-CRM and Episode 2 eWay-CRM User Interface, we are guiding you through First Steps in eWay-CRM. Learn the basic things you will need in our CRM system.

After you get familiar with eWay-CRM we will guide through the most important things you have to do. If you have contacts in your Outlook and want to import them to eWay-CRM or to synchronize them then have a look at this video to find out How to move contacts from Outlook into eWay CRM.

After you have moved your contacts from Outlook into eWay-CRM we will show you how to Import Contacts and Companies from Excel.

For detailed information see our Resources.
Be effective! With eWay-CRM.