Professional E-mails in eWay-CRM Offer Heatmap With Click Statistics

Published 22. 7. 2020

Do you use bulk e-mail distribution in your company for promotion? And would you like to know which links users most often use to get to your site via e-mail? Then we have useful news for you.


E-mail campaigns are a great tool for promotion. Thanks to eWay-CRM, you can use the database of your company contacts directly in the Outlook environment when sending e-mail campaigns. Now we have another innovation for you, thanks to which e-mail marketing can be even more user-friendly for you.

For bulk e-mailing, as with other marketing tools, you need to track statistics to customize content to what your customers want. You can use various analytical tools for this purpose, but thanks to eWay-CRM you can evaluate statistics directly in Outlook. This will make your user experience more enjoyable.

The statistics that you can now monitor directly in the eWay-CRM marketing module are clicks on individual links that lead from the e-mail to the company's website. You'll find the new View heatmap feature in your marketing campaign statistics. Thanks to it, you will quickly and conveniently get a graphical representation of the statistics in the already sent e-mail, how many customers clicked on a specific link in your e-mail without leaving the marketing campaign.


marketing heatmap