New eWay-CRM 6.0 Is Inspired by Users‘ Feedback

Published 15. 4. 2020

New eWay-CRM 6.0 version is full of innovations that are based on users‘ feedback. You can enjoy several improvements of eWay-CRM for Outlook as well as the brand new eWay-CRM Web application that extends the current portfolio of eWay-CRM for Outlook and eWay-CRM Mobile.


Already for 12 years, we have been developing an effective tool for company management. Our latest update is a milestone in the development of eWay-CRM. The new 6.0 version makes eWay-CRM more flexible, effective and available.


What are the most important innovations in eWay-CRM 6.0 for Outlook?

  • Notes support styles and formatting.
  • Lists open in a new window.
  • Relations in grids work as hyperlinks.
  • Document can be sent as PDF.
  • Quick categories.
  • New task by Win+Shift+K keyboard shortcut.
  • Full-text search in Tasks.
  • And much more…


Besides new functions, we also improved the design of eWay-CRM. We redesigned all icons so that they are in line with the new style of Outlook 2019. eWay-CRM supports the dark mode in Outlook now. With the 6.0 version, you will not see the difference between eWay-CRM and Outlook!


Brand new Administration Center

In our new Administration Center (formerly Administration Settings) you can adjust eWay-CRM as you like. Besides, you can change your username or easily manage your subscriptions.


Brand new eWay-CRM Web application

The development of the new CRM Web application based on the feedback from our customers has become the utmost priority for us. eWay-CRM Web enables access to eWay-CRM for those who work with Mac, from home, during travels, or use a different e-mail client than Microsoft Outlook.

You don’t have to install the eWay-CRM Web. You just open it in any browser. All you need is an internet connection to connect to your account. The application works with the same database as eWay-CRM for Outlook and eWay-CRM Mobile. It has all the important functions that you need. The eWay-CRM Web has been designed in line with the web Outlook. The application looks familiar like eWay-CRM for Outlook when you turn it on.

You will get the eWay-CRM Web application as a part of the Enterprise package which also contains eWay-CRM for Outlook and eWay-CRM Mobile. The subscription also covers premium support, 10 GB on eWay-Cloud and other advanced functions.