Microsoft 365 Introduces New Logo

Published 26. 10. 2022

Microsoft Office has been the world's most widely used office suite for over 30 years. The upcoming rebranding will affect millions of companies around the world. Get ready, Microsoft is unveiling a new logo that will appear on users' screens in the following months.

In 2017, Microsoft renamed Office 365 to Microsoft 365, trying to make it clear that it's no longer just an office suite but is adding features for home management and other features to use outside of the office.

This month, five years later, Microsoft is adding a new logo. The logo is in line with the trend Microsoft has set for its products. Microsoft 365 users should see it on their screens in the coming months (between November 2022 and January 2023). This is the tenth logo since the release of Microsoft Office 95. Remember all the logos Office has gone through in that time?

evoluce loga Microsoft Office
Evolution of the Microsoft Office logo.


Microsoft 365's new logo isn't the only change you should expect to see. The website, Office mobile apps, and Office for Windows apps should all be enhanced with new features as well. If you want to know what's new in Microsoft 365, check out the detailed Microsoft 365 introduction.


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