Exploring "One Outlook": The Pros and Cons of a New Email Client

Published 24. 5. 2023

Microsoft has unveiled a different version of the popular email client called "One Outlook". If you are a Microsoft 365 subscriber, you can activate this beta version in the top right corner of your classic Outlook for Windows.

Outlook toggleSource: Microsoft


“One Outlook” is a web-based email client that brings small design enhancements, the ability to pin and snooze emails, and dynamic calendar widths.

Yet, it takes away offline mode, the ability to save emails to files, and most importantly, COM add-ins.

What does it mean? The shift to "One Outlook" may disrupt the functionality of numerous important add-ins like your antivirus software, third-party SPAM filters, eWay-CRM Desktop, and many other useful extensions. This presents a significant concern.

We have been expecting this step and invested much of our recent development into eWay-CRM Online. It works seamlessly with “One Outlook", bringing the familiar eWay-CRM environment to all versions of Outlook.

“One Outlook” is still a work in progress. If you want to avoid potential disruptions and be effective, stay with the classic Outlook for Windows.