Take Advantage of eWay-CRM on the Go with IOS and Android and Enjoy the New eWay-CRM Design

Published 1. 2. 2017

Spring brings many exciting things including the new eWay-CRM 5.0 which is now available for Apple users as well. You can look forward to a brand new intuitive look, much easier work with contacts and access to all related deals, projects, contacts and companies. We didn’t forget to improve eWay-CRM Mobile for Android either. Do not worry though – none of the former features disappear. They just get better.

eWay-CRM Mobile for iOS & Android

As a main new feauture is that new version of eWay-CRM Mobile is now available for iOS. Access your data on the fly using your favourite smartphone. Access to all related deals, projects, companies and contacts. Open a company to get a list of all linked projects or contacts.
eWay-CRM Mobile

The New Spring Facelift

We have redesigned all icons to high resolution. eWay-CRM now looks great on the finest UHD monitors.
Contacts Magnifier

Next Step & Last Activity

We have added two new fields to help you to get things done. With our „Next Step“ field, you can quickly view the follow-up date to complete your projects on schedule. And to make sure you stay in touch with your customers, we have created a field called „Last Activity”.
Next Step

Deal Value

You have been asking about this field for the past couple of months. You told us that you wanted the ability to quickly see the value of your pipeline. We listened. Just add a field “Est. Value” to your list of deals and let eWay-CRM do the rest.
Estimated Value

New Contact Preview

Add a picture to each eWay-CRM contact so that you never forget a particular face. Utilize the images in your new mobile app as well.
Contact preview
To see the complete list of new eWay-CRM 5.0 features, visit our website or follow us on our blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.