Don’t Be Afraid of or What Are the Pros of Our Own URL Shortener

Published 30. 9. 2019

eWay-CRM will use its own URL shortener on

Roman Stefko, our CTO, describes how we decided to make our own domain for URL shortener. “Before we used for shortening of long URLs or for our own marketing activities, e.g. for posts in social media.“

Roman was looking for better security and more detailed statistics and therefore he decided to replace bit-ly by our own and a simple open-source program for URL shortening. “Our clients‘ security is the most important thing. That is why we would like to point out that while using eWay-CRM they can come across that we will use shortly. They do not have to worry that this link would lead them outside our secure system,“ explains Roman.

Besides security our URL shortener main advantage is that it saves history of all shortened URLs. While using a free service the risk is that when it ceases to work there is a blackout, another risk is an attack by hackers. This happens quite often as you can see in the list of expired services that used to shorten URLs in the past.