Do You Have New eWay-CRM Users in Your Company? The New eWay-Book Will Teach Them the Basics

Published 8. 6. 2020

As they say, no scholar has fallen from heaven. And so we have prepared an eWay-Book for new eWay-CRM users, which will teach them the basics of our system. The eWay-Book is available for free.


There are three types of people when it comes to building a new cabinet or, in our case, using a new CRM system.

The first group includes those who start building a new cabinet without looking at the instructions. They rely on their instincts. Because eWay-CRM works in the well-known Outlook environment, most people can handle it without problems. Nevertheless, even the best here and there will appreciate a tip. eWay-CRM contains a lot of tweaks that may not be visible at first glance.

Another group of users will appreciate good advice if needed and prefer to look for tutorials on YouTube, which give the advantage of visual presentation.

The last group includes those users who like to open the good old written instructions and study everything in peace before they start working. Not only for those users, we have prepared a new eWay-Book First Steps in eWay-CRM. Thanks to this eWay-Book, as a user-beginner you will learn the basics of our system and can start using it effectively.


First Steps in eWay-CRM