Booking a Demo With Our Consultants Is Easier Than Ever

Published 25. 1. 2021

Do you want to book an online consultation with our consultants or customer support? Use our new reservation system and we will add you to the calendar automatically. You don’t have to wait for confirmation.



If you are choosing a new CRM system you can try eWay-CRM for free. Or you can discuss your needs with our consultants who will be happy to advise you.

We prefer to talk to company representatives between four and more eyes but personal contact has become rather rare in recent months. And so, we switched to online meetings.

In our new reservation system, you can choose from the available dates of our consultants. You will receive a booking confirmation right away, you do not need to exchange emails with us. We check them often, but the reservation system responds even faster. Even though only a couple seconds earlier than us.

You have 30 minutes of initial online consultation with us for free. Just click on Book a Demo on our website or right here…

Book a Demo


We respect our customers very much and we are glad that this is positively reflected in the evaluation of our technical support, which is here for you. Just as there is a new reservation system for you where you can arrange a meeting with our specialists.

If you have been in contact with us recently you have probably already noticed the booking options in the signature of our specialist's email.

You can also find a link to the reservation system in the helpdesk or you can use the link below if you need a consultation right now.

When booking an appointment, you can immediately fill in special requirements so that the technical support specialist can prepare an effective solution in advance.


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