A Revolution in Working with Tasks!

The new eWay-CRM 5.3

Our mission has always been to provide you with a tool that helps you improve your effectivity. That is why we keep improving our product, eWay-CRM.

Enjoy our new version to its fullest. eWay-CRM 5.3 A.K.A. eWay-CRM Tasks!


Things you can do with the new module Tasks:

  1. Keep working on a task, even after it’s been delegated.
  2. See other people’s tasks and work with them.
  3. Start using team tasks.
  4. Edit a workflow or add custom fields.
  5. Edit a detailed log of task work history.  
  6. Ignore the difference between a “Task” and a “Flagged e-mail”.

And you can work with Tasks on your mobile phone as well!

More details and information about the benefits of using eWay-CRM Tasks! to be found in our eWay-Book Tasks! and in our Knowledge Base.

Use the new Tasks to your maximum benefit. 


Be effective. With eWay-CRM Tasks!

21. 12. 2018

Choose from the following modules


Contacts & Companies

Core module everybody starts with. Allows you to work with contacts, and companies, track communications and plan follow-ups.



Ads the ability to track deals, create quotes and invoices, and manage pricing and inventories.



Great if you need to coordinate the delivery once you sign a contract. Manage resources, track timesheets, and keep an eye on the budget.


Email Marketing

Extends your eWay-CRM of a professional email marketing tool. No limitations on the number of contacts. Charged by emails sent.

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