Using Newsletter Marketing to Boost Sales: 5 CEOs Share Their Thoughts

Published 15. 12. 2023

To make a good newsletter that brings more people to your website and helps you earn money, you should learn the basic steps to start making it. No one can give you a better piece of advice than the CEOs of successful companies. Follow these 5 steps and boost your sales with e-mail campaigns!


100–120 per day! That’s how many emails the average person gets into the inbox. Are all of them read? What do you think?

Most probably, the majority just end up in the email graveyard.

How can you guarantee your emails won’t be deleted or buried under the pile of others without even being opened?

This thought piece will teach you how to make your newsletters perform even better and create emails that people will read. It’s packed with proven newsletter marketing tactics shared by business leaders who have tried and tested them.

Prepare to be bombarded with essential stats and facts that can alter your attitude to newsletters for good. After that, dive into email newsletter strategies for getting leads and boosting sales.

Newsletters are the best e-mail campaign tools
Table of contents:
How to Maximize Your Newsletter Marketing Efforts
1. Send a warm newsletter welcome email
2. Provide relevant and valuable data
3. Segment your audience and personalize newsletters as much as possible
4. Make highly-converting CTAs
5. Incentivize and reward your customers via a newsletter
Send Newsletters That Won’t Get Buried or Deleted
Email marketing remains the most productive way to promote a business and its product or service online. It’s the most preferred communication channel for 61% of customers. And a newsletter is the pulsing heart of this interaction.
Here are some facts worth knowing:

  • 90% of consumers would like to receive company updates via a newsletter.
  • Nearly one-third of B2B marketers say email newsletters are the highest-performing content to nurture leads.
  • Newsletters help media outlets and publishers grow paid memberships because newsletter readers typically read 300% more articles than average readers.
  • The average email newsletter open rate varies from 17% for technology services to 40% for the travel and tourism industry.


Numerous studies reveal that the morning is the best time to send marketing emails and get the most engagement. Besides, 10 am ranks higher for open rates across all industries.


How to Maximize Your Newsletter Marketing Efforts

The following methods will help you stand out from the sea of mundane email content delivered into your audience’s inbox.

  1. Send a warm newsletter welcome email

Did you know that welcome emails have a whopping 50% open rate?

“Welcoming subscribers aboard, you can establish trust and emotional connection,” notes Jesse Hanson, Content Manager at Online Solitaire & World of Card Games.

“It’s better to start with welcome words and thank people for subscribing. In addition, you should emphasize their belongingness to the community. It matters greatly for people to feel related to something and honored as an equal member.”
Jesse Hanson suggests using phrases such as:

  • Glad to have you here
  • Thank you for joining us
  • Hi friend, welcome aboard!
  • Thrilled to have you with us
  • Oh, hi there! Nice to meet you
  • Welcome to our family!

Search Engine Journal, for instance, evokes a sense of belonging in the newsletter’s welcome email: We’re excited to have you as part of our community. They also point to numerous freebies (ebooks) available for download instantly.

Search Engine Journal
Rethink your approach to welcome and cold emails and start your newsletter marketing with an emotionally-powered text. Besides, including an incentive, you can boost revenue by 30% compared to a newsletter without any offers.

  1. Provide relevant and valuable data

Sharing proper content is necessary if your goal is to increase your email newsletter CTR (click-through rate).

You can follow the newsletter marketing tips from Morgan Taylor, Co-Founder of Jolly SEO: “Brands need to deliver significant and insightful information to their audiences. Such email content helps make potential and existing customers stick around longer, build loyalty over time, and achieve long-term success in sales.”
According to Morgan Taylor, it can be:

  • How-to product/service guide
  • Educational video
  • Case study
  • Research report
  • Statistics
  • Exclusive tip of the week
  • Industry-related secret
  • Tools, etc.

For example, in one of the emails, Jolly SEO shared the Linktegrity tool with their audience to assist in auditing website domains and unmasking link farms.

Jolly SEO newsletter
Besides, the company rounds up industry news in monthly emails with subject lines SEO in October, SEO in November, etc. Here is another newsletter example from Glassdoor with informative and substantial content.

Newsletter about managing burnout
A job search platform gives some practical techniques to prevent burnout at work.

  1. Segment your audience and personalize newsletters as much as possible

The study shows personalized e-letters have a 29% higher open rate and bring six times higher revenue.

Eric Mills, owner of Lightning Card Collection, believes that personalization goes hand in hand with customer segmentation when it comes to newsletter marketing:

“Aiming at personalized email newsletters, you should properly segment your customers and do it regularly. For that, relying on geographic, behavioral, demographic, psychographic, and other factors is mandatory. More importantly, you should prioritize your audience’s wants and needs.”

Lightning Card Collection starts segmenting website visitors via the sign-up form to personalize newsletter marketing.

Lightning Card Collection newsletter
Subscribers should select one of the options when answering the question Who Are You Shopping For Child, Myself, Grandchild, Friend, or Other.But how do you know what email content converts your segmented audiences and what doesn’t?It’s easy to instantly identify people’s interests with eWay-CRM’s email marketing platform. It lets you track the most clicked areas in your emails with heatmaps. Plus, it integrates smoothly with Google Analytics to learn what emails work better for web visitors.

A common practice among businesses is to address email recipients by name to personalize experiences. This tactic can increase the open rate and the CTR by 35%.

  1. Make highly-converting CTAs

“If you want to use newsletters as a marketing tool, calls to action are indispensable for a subject line and an email body,” says Tom Golubovich, Head of Marketing & Media Relations at Ninja Transfers. “Appearing in subject lines, your CTAs work as psychological gimmicks and help you tap into emotions, instill a sense of scarcity or urgency, impress email recipients with the extraordinary, or wow them with the unexpected.”

47% of people decide whether to open their emails based on the subject lines alone.

Let’s look at the CTAs in the subject line and the CTAs in the email body.

CTAs in subject lines

Here are several examples of CTAs in emails from Ninja Transfers:

  • Personalize your summer with DTF PermaStickers™
  • Print More for Less with 35% Off UV DTF
  • Get Ready for a Spooktacular Halloween
  • Decorate Like the Pros with our top Heat Press Accessories
  • Brand Your Black Friday

No time for brainstorming creative CTAs? An AI assistant can generate your email subject lines: turn to ChatGPT or HyperWrite AI.

CTAs inside a newsletter

Ninja Transfers, for instance, uses frequent CTAs throughout the email body.

Ninja Transfers newsletter
Remember to pick contrasting colors for your CTA buttons (like the black and white above). They can take your newsletter design to the next level.

  1. Incentivize and reward your customers via a newsletter

According to Shawn Plummer, CEO of The Annuity Expert, “Offering financial incentives such as discounts, cashback, or loyalty points can motivate customers to make repeat purchases, refer others to the business, or engage in specific behaviors beneficial to the company. These incentives create a sense of value and immediate gratification for customers, encouraging them to continue their relationship with the business”.

Indeed, 90% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company if it provides incentives.

Below, you can see the newsletter from Vodafone. It’s a limited-time offer dedicated to Black Friday.

Vodafone newsletter
One more example: UseViral typically shares discounts in newsletter emails on holidays.

Easter sale newsletterDon’t forget to add holidays to your email calendar. Some of the most popular are:

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Easter
  • Memorial Day
  • Back-to-School Day
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • New Year


Send Newsletters That Won’t Get Buried or Deleted

With the above insights on email marketing, you can send newsletters that won’t get buried or deleted.

eWay-CRM simplifies the process dramatically. It helps manage multiple emails for various audiences simultaneously, get open/click analytics to see what content converts better, and, ultimately, skyrocket your sales.

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