Interview: How a Married Couple Turned Tesla's Technology from a Party Trick to a Cure

Published 6. 10. 2023

In the ever-expanding world of holistic wellness, various trends are emerging, ranging from virtual reality therapy to plant-based remedies. Yet, when a technology has stood the test of time, much like Energetic Fitness Systems (EFS), it’s much more than a trend.

Launched by husband-and-wife team Justin and Shannon Brost more than two decades ago, EFS is a revolutionary technology that balances the body’s cellular energy levels. The concept originated from Nikola Tesla—the Serbian American engineer and physicist known for designing the alternating-current (AC) electric system—in the late 1800s. EFS further developed and modernized the technology, making it safer and easier to use.

Tapping into our electromagnetic fields has already been critical in medicine for years, including in electrocardiograms for the heart and MRI scans. However, new discoveries about the human energy system continue to disrupt medical education. Indeed, Western medicine is now validating that humans are very much a complex electromagnetic field.

Yet, while the world becomes more energy conscious, many trends today are purely driven by marketing tactics, and consumers are left to separate the hype from real science. As a result, thriving in the field of alternative energy fitness requires extraordinary resilience, commitment, and credibility.

We had the opportunity to speak with Shannon Brost, Vice President of Energetic Fitness Systems, about her unique journey in energy technologies. A regular user of EFS herself, Brost has spent her entire adult life being an entrepreneur. In an interview from her home in Washington State, she reveals how she and her husband navigated various obstacles and the most rewarding aspect of their business.


Could you tell us what is Energetic Fitness Systems all about and what is your business model?

Energetic Fitness Systems (EFS) is all about raising the body’s energy levels. I do mean “plural” levels. Our cells communicate harmonically. Even with dominant frequency emissions from our cells, there’s never just one frequency. These are all analog. Our Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) device raises the amplitude of all our frequencies so our bodies can operate at their highest and best potential. The average person doesn't realize they have an energy system. And when you are aware of your energy system, it’s like getting another sense.

Our business model for a short time is to sell our EFS units. In the not-too-distant future, we intend to begin a placement/profit sharing model.


That’s fascinating. How did you end up in this field and what was the inspiration behind it?

We launched the EFS Project in 1999. Preceding this, we were experimenting with energy technologies and assisting others also interested in alternative energy fitness. During this period, we were introduced to a device that had been built from Tesla designs to be used as a party trick. The builder used it to boost the body’s energy field so he could take Kirlian photos of aura fields. One of his friends had a diabetic sore that would not heal on his hand that healed up after this.

Word got out, and others began building their own versions. For a time, it was circulating in the world of underground medicine. We decided to go more towards researching its origins, improving while updating it to current technological advancements and standards, learning everything we could about all aspects of it, yet not losing sight of remaining compliant or losing its efficacy. Woo, woo explanations of how the technology worked or originated did not work for us. It was common knowledge within the community we had participated in that the technology we had embraced originated with Nikola Tesla. Those claiming to have created it…let’s not even try to understand their motives. We did confirm it had originated with Tesla around 2003.

We sold an EFS unit to a woman in a nearby town. As she was a senior citizen, we delivered and set it up for her in the basement of her home. She was in the middle of her first EFS charging session when her 92-year-old husband arrived home. As he was coming down the stairs, he yelled out “I never thought I’d hear that sound, again” and then joined us. He stated, “I will be next”, as he watched his wife ending her session.

With that, he first removed his shoes and socks, then hearing aids and grabbed the plasma bulb from her and shooed my husband away. He looked down and saw the on/off switch and loudly said, “Oh good, didn’t have one of these on ours.” He then proceeded to charge for the next 20-plus minutes. His wife informed us that no one could talk to him the minute he removed his hearing aids. We waited. Finally, he turned the unit off, handed the plasma bulb to my husband, stepped off the unit and put his hearing aids back in his ears. Next thing he said was, “Thank you. I never thought I would feel that again.”

We all were like, What?!!  His name was Garret. Garret then told the story of how his grandfather had purchased Tesla’s Human Energy Machine, years and years ago. And, he had used it as a teenager. He told us that ours was so much easier to use, he loved it. His grandfather’s unit had been stolen from his barn where he kept it when he passed away, when Garret was a young man. Garret’s father had wanted to get to the farm to collect it. They were in Boston and the grandfather was in upstate New York. It was gone when they got there. And no one knew who had removed it. So, it had been lost all those years. We were so grateful for the confirmation and that he was able to experience the sensation and energy again.

The “why?” was because it had such an impact on our health and wellbeing. We wanted to help others experience their best quality of life. Being part of the process of any living being discovering their energy system is inspiring. We have not experienced this with any other technology out there. We’ve witnessed so many ways having the right energy available to the body can manifest in humans and animals. And, even though what we most often see seems like magic, it is not. It took years of research and interaction with scientists and physicists to completely understand what we were witnessing.


What obstacles have you faced throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

  • Undoing decades of misinformation about energy as it pertains to living beings.
  • Helping others overcome their fear of it and undoing the misleading comments made by even “alternative practitioners” that did not understand what it was and what it was doing.
  • Bringing the technology into compliance to avoid any regulatory scrutiny.
  • Keeping interested people from putting technology at risk by ignoring regulatory limitations and making misleading or untrue statements.
  • Dispelling the misconception of a technology being responsible for healing this or that when the technology only increases energy amplitude. It is not disease or malady specific. The recipient’s own physiology determines what to do with the increased energy.
  • Sourcing parts, materials, and expert tradesmen that could assist us to improve the technology.
  • Maintaining ownership while at the same time inviting other’s involvement and participation.
  • Lack of adequate funding. We’ve yet to experience investment offers that are reliable.



Considering unusual challenges, how did you manage to scale and grow nationwide? What facilitated this process? 

In the early years, scaling and growing outside of our local territory meant lots of travelling. Phone calls were still billed if considered long distance. Email was just beginning and many of our customers did not even have a fax machine, let alone internet. Face to face meetings meant travel or hosting. Speaking face to face electronically was just a dream.

Attending key trade shows has helped. Word of mouth still has its benefits. Newsletters and email marketing campaigns tie the social media aspect together. This allows a global audience, not just national. The world is becoming much smaller.

Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software system is vital. Having eWay-CRM has been a lifesaver. The learning curve is short. The functionality is superb. Other than Adobe products, I cannot imagine tackling any marketing efforts without it. It eliminates the need for many add-on products by providing the support needed in one familiar place, Microsoft Outlook. I think eWay adding the interface of the Teams version for larger companies to utilize is just brilliant.


What would you say is the most popular aspect of EFS among users? 

Probably the most popular aspect is that anyone that is engaged with the EFS feels it. They feel it the moment it is turned on. It is an immersive energetic experience, all on its own. The user is part of the electromagnetic circuit - completely insulated from any electricity and amperage, but also engaged with and part of the unique static energy field. It is completely safe. There is no thermal cellular heating.

We know the most important reason this is happening is that the energy engaged with is Analog. Analog energy is the most compatible energy source for our body’s energy system. We are analog, as are all living creatures. We’ve had reports from users who were sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF), who after even just one charging session their symptoms stopped. Many did not experience this sensitivity again, even without avoiding what they perceived as an EMF-toxic environment.

Most wellness devices use solid state output for their power supplies. These can only generate digital frequency patterns. And the frequencies are limited in the quantity able to be emitted at any one time. Analog output does not have these restrictions. The EFS provides the conditions for our own body to generate and amplify its frequencies. These amplified, natural analog frequencies are made available for the body’s own wisdom to grab back to utilize, by what I would argue to be the most efficient and advanced analog computer on the planet. Our own bodies.


EFS user


How did you manage to get the word out and attract potential customers?

Early 2000, we dove deep into the internet and built our website ourselves. We opened our home and office up to people wanting to try our technology and began interacting with so many. This led to invitations to many gatherings up and down the Pacific Coast from Canada to Southern California. We jumped on any legitimate opportunity to get the word out.

When the internet grew into what it is today and email replaced snail mail so effectively, email marketing became such an important tool. Marketing campaigns on social media are left with giant holes in the process, if the email marketing aspect is overlooked. That is why we were so happy to have found eWay.


eWay-CRM integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and keeps us organized and on top of both email marketing campaigns and newsletters while also acting as a very complete CRM with all the tools we’re familiar with. We rely on it heavily and it paid for itself for an entire year of subscription costs in the first email campaign we sent out.


You’re clearly making the most of your eWay-CRM software. As a growing business, did the market conditions over the past few years affect your work?

Covid had a direct impact on us. Due to the personal, face-to-face interaction between EFS charging session facilitators and end users, it put everyone at risk. We decided to step back when we lost one of our therapists to Covid, which he contracted from a client. He left his wife, his family and so many clients behind. It was impossible not to feel his loss for all of us.

Before Covid, there was the fear of any of the electrotherapeutic devices used, getting practitioners into trouble with regulatory agencies. This created many challenges. We kept our sights on the fitness community for this reason.

After Covid, the wellness energy device climate has become the wild west. There are just too many people out there using “wellness” devices that are making outrageous claims and using technology that is unsafe or has zero chance of ever providing any benefit. No one seems to care. There are way too many pretty baubles doing nothing but leaving the uneducated vulnerable.

Many cite studies that don’t even pertain to their device or even are similar technologies. We did some deep research about six years ago on studies PEMF device companies were citing. One of these claimed to have healed a broken arm in record time. When you put the before and after images up on a TV screen, the healed bone had been photoshopped and not well. You could see all the pixelation from the edit. We have only a handful of studies ourselves. It is not that we would avoid them; we just would prefer not to risk loss of our own future usages for certain issues. We do and will welcome legitimate study proposals.

In the US, end users are not even giving the “is it safe”, or “is it doing what it is said it will do” much thought. If they are told it will work, that is all they need. If it flashes pretty lights, resembles a Star Trek prop, then they are all over it. Science and physics are thought to be a waste of time. One popular social media influencer told us that “Science is the dumbing of the mind”. For real… his response to our sharing a scientific overview of technology he was using, which was a copy of a technology that had been banned in the states.


You’ve come a long way since launching this technology and have built incredible resilience. At which point did you consider your business a success?

When everyone knows of, have tried, and become a regular user of EFS here on planet earth and perhaps even in space. We believe EFS usage has the potential to support or replace the vital aspects of a diminished earth’s magnetic field for those traveling outside of our atmosphere and would love to put that to the test.


Finally, what brings you the most joy in your business and keeps you going every day?

Our most joy comes from witnessing someone get back the quality of life they thought was never going to be obtainable. Meeting those individuals and sharing that with them, that keeps us going. It seems like when we’ve gone through a spell with others not fully understanding or appreciating the technology, we always get that phone call or run into a friend of a friend that tells us how the EFS changed and improved theirs or the life of someone close to them.