ChatGPT: The Secret Weapon of Executives All Around the World

Published 30. 1. 2024

Thousands of successful leaders all around the world use ChatGPT to enhance their skills in leading and managing. It enables them to quickly educate themselves and make the right decisions. Be one of them. Save these prompts and build a strong company.


Table of contents:

ChatGPT the Game-Changer
Months Turned into Minutes
7 ChatGPT Power Prompts for Supercharging Executives
As a Last Note…


ChatGPT the Game-Changer

ChatGPT changed the way we think and therefore the way we work.

It gives us freedom. Helping us be more creative.

It allows us to create something that otherwise might be impracticable – at least for some of us.

It shows us new paths. New selves. We can become a graphic designer for one minute, and an author for another one.

Of course, expertise in the area is a must, even in the world of AI tools.

But when there’s a will (and tips on how to) there’s a way.

Imbibe what I have to offer because it is going to help you to improve your leadership skills. And allow your business to flourish briskly.




Months Turned into Minutes

Timesaver. That might be the best nickname for ChatGPT.

It turns months into minutes.

With ChatGPT, you can imagine the impossible. Strategies crafted in seconds. Decisions made in a blink. All while your competitors are still planning their next move.

This is where time bends to your will.

Time is currency. ChatGPT is your investment.

Invest your time sensibly. And beat your competitor by miles.


Edward is a transformative AI luminary and pioneering copywriter. His career in these fields started after the successful finish of his studies in Journalism at Solent University in England. His writing, both in its style and storytelling, enchants many. Including the most respected brands in the world. We can see Edward’s works embodied in the campaigns of Balmain, Gucci, Lacoste, and many other well-known brands. Since his knowledge of AI is superb and he continues discovering new ways how to work with artificial intelligence tools, he became a recognized consultant, advisor, and prompt engineer. Thanks to Edward’s mastery, even the technology giants such as Google or Microsoft rely on his approach and practice in the field. He speaks about his journey, findings, and expertise publicly on LinkedIn. Where companies as well as individuals can learn how to use AI to their benefit.


Image created by Edward Frank Morris
Image created by Edward Frank Morris.


7 ChatGPT Power Prompts for Supercharging Executives

Copy. Paste. Fill in the blanks and give ChatGPT details.

And then watch the magic happen.




1. Enhancing Leadership Skills

Prompt: Act as a Senior Leadership Coach with 10 years of experience. Provide advanced techniques for enhancing leadership skills, focusing on strategic thinking and influence in [Your Industry], tailored for professionals with over 5 years of experience.


2. Nurturing High-Performance Teams:

Prompt: Act as a Team Development Expert with 10 years of experience. Advise on methods to build and nurture high-performance teams, including talent acquisition, motivation strategies, and performance management in [Your Industry].


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3. Executive-Level Networking Strategies:

Prompt: Act as a Networking Specialist with 10 years of experience. Offer strategies for effective networking at the executive level, focusing on building influential connections and partnerships in [Your Industry].


4. Managing Organizational Change:

Prompt: Act as a Change Management Consultant with 10 years of experience. Guide on managing and leading organizational change, including communication tactics and employee engagement strategies for seasoned professionals in [Your Industry].


Image created by Edward Frank Morris
Image created by Edward Frank Morris.


5. Advanced Negotiation Techniques:

Prompt: Act as a Negotiation Expert with 10 years of experience. Share advanced negotiation techniques and strategies, tailored for complex business scenarios faced by executives with over 5 years of experience in [Your Industry].


6. Developing a Personal Brand as an Executive:

Prompt: Act as a Personal Branding Coach with 10 years of experience. Advise on developing and enhancing a personal brand for executives, including leveraging social media and public speaking to establish thought leadership in [Your Industry].


7. Balancing Strategic Vision and Operational Excellence:

Prompt: Act as a Business Strategy Advisor with 10 years of experience. Provide insights on balancing long-term strategic vision with day-to-day operational excellence, crucial for executives with substantial experience in [Your Industry].


Image created by Edward Frank Morris
Image created by Edward Frank Morris.


As a Last Note…

Thanks to the above-mentioned prompts you are going to become an even better executive.

Also, you are going to elevate your business to a higher level. And without the need to have experts from each of the areas by your side constantly.

Remember, you can always ask ChatGPT for more info/details.

Work smartly using AI and build an empire.