Hello, this is Katie.
I have
 recently started working as a Project Manager in Kansas City.
Feeling like a typical office person, I would like to share my experiences and maybe a few tips that I learn along the way.


Missing “Me Time”

You know how I love running and having drinks with my best friend Janice? Recently, my two biggest stress-relievers have halted because of my relationship with Ted, a friend of Janice’s cousin whom I’ve been on a date with twice. I also hate that the relationship has been distracting from my job. I’m so passionate about it!

I did a bit of research again and from what I’ve learned, it seems I’m definitely not the only one struggling to keep a balanced schedule.



Albert, my colleague from the Development Department, was surprised I am struggling so much with this. Albert is your typical workaholic. His plan is to work hard and save now so that he can retire as early as possible. Simply put – he eats, sleeps, and breathes work.

I asked him if he’s worried about getting burnt out. However, he’s is convinced that he won’t be phased by being overworked.


The danger

Burnout is a dangerous state of mind that can lead to depression or suicidal thoughts. It can be prevented by a good work-life balance, spending time doing things you love, or taking vacations from work.

I sent Albert a link to an article about this. Now it’s his job to process it.



The benefit for companies

Did you know that CEOs actually benefit from having happy employees? Companies with a happy team typically get higher revenues and are more effective, due to fewer sick days and less fluctuation.

Thankfully, my boss Margaret knows this. That’s why we have a shorter workday on Friday and she is very generous when it comes to company events!

One of my colleagues even works from home once a week to be with her kids more. I wonder if all of us could have this opportunity. If so, I would be happy to work from home on Wednesdays to break up the work week!  Maybe if more employees were able to work from home one day per week, it would give everyone a chance to improve their work-life balance.  Our boss and other colleagues could monitor what is being accomplished outside of the office through eWay-CRM so that everyone is on the same page throughout the day. My friend Janice loved the idea and is actually planning to tell her boss she will no longer work overtime.

We are both having a talk with our bosses tomorrow – stay tuned to know how it went!
Keep your fingers crossed for me and Janice!